Pixieguts / Press

“...coherent in sound and style... bright, transparent ambience... excellent singer...”

“...possibly my favourite female vocalist since Liz Fraser (Cocteau Twins)...”

“I love Pixieguts and all of her incarnations”

“soulful ambience and world class vocals”

“lovely vocals... ultimate cyber-collaborator”

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“2010 Female Artist of the Year, Somojo Radio Awards”

“the future has arrived”

“everything this woman's voice touches comes out gold”

“impresario, podcaster, musician... in good standing in the electronic music community”

“Great collaborator, and the vocal impetus for so many net based musical projects. An original.”

“she makes superb music with a huge range of independent musicians”

“...how she interacts these studio producers and remixers is the real treat...”

“one of the greatest electronic music female vocalists”

“Top quality vocals with deep and stylish music of the Electronic variety.”

“Voide ft Pixieguts 'Into the Sun' No.1 electronic track on Soundclick (260,000 tunes)”

“an illustrious maker, an omnivorous partaker and a generous supporter of global independent music”