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“Imagine if every internet meme were converted to epic powernoise … no wait, don’t imagine that because if you did the universe would explode!”

“I’ll admit I was a wee bit late to the Pixelpussy party. When Das Mewntz landed in my inbox last week, my first thought (harking back to early sci-fi novels) was a cat that walks through walls. To discover that they are in fact a Rhythmic Noise/Industrial act with a wild sense of humor and a penchant for all things kitty was an utter delight, and the first listen had me rocking and laughing hysterically by turns. This album also holds the distinction of getting me the most entertaining looks from strangers at red lights in Baltimore City yet, and that’s saying something!! Formed in 2010 by Dj/Promoter/Flyer Monkey/All-Around Music Junkie Daemon Chadeau, the project began as a tongue-in-cheek joke and NYE resolution that exploded into a full-on “meower-noise” juggernaut. Das Mewntz satisfies on all levels.”

“:Video of the Day: Pixelpussy – This Is Meower Noise”

“The new opus of this project [Das Mewntz] is definitely more into industrial elements, but it remains a damned great experience in sound.”

“Cheesing: To become high by way of snorting or sniffing cat piss. Cheesing can cause a psychadelic trip where the person cheesing visits a fantasyland where they get to fornicate with the boob princess. Well, if this is the result of playing around with pussies then it's worth it! 'This Is Meower Noise' is the dog's bollocks! Fucking awesome! You must have this one - especially if you're a cat lover!”

“Looks like we're on a roll...Pixel Pussy "This Is Meower Noise" is great comedic stuff. It's noisy and addictive. Each track makes for good listening. It's kind of like Aphex Twin, but harder! Excellent!”

“Don’t pay too much attention for the voluntary primitive artwork of the CD-cover as PixelPussy is a real sexy and hot project!”

“The first part of the album is absolutely cool and original, which after several cool songs finally leads to the absolute highlight entitled “Toxic Testicle Nectar”. This is an efficient danceable minimal electro composition, which will help this project get into clubs.”

“This is Meower Noise is a strong start for Pixelpussy. Chadeau combines his songwriting talents with a DJ's intuition of knowing just what people want to dance to, and has created music that hits hard both in beats and meanings, but is still fun and can laugh at itself.”

“The evil genius behind Pixelpussy pays a lot of attention to politics in his native USA, particularly the burgeoning tea party movement, and this album is full of jaw dropping audio samples of christian right lunacy: if Michael Moore made a power noise album, it would most likely sound like this.”

"I listened to Meower Noise and I felt so....energetic! Colon irrigation never had that effect on me!"

Jason Norwood, Code 000

“Comedic power noise in the vein of Caustic, this project's debut album features bonus remixes from the likes of ESA, Bioassay and more.”

“I know some of my readers will listen to a few seconds of this and run screaming, but there may be a handful out there who will thank me for introducing them to this style, and I know there’s a few who love it already. If you’re in the last category, this album is definitely for you: it’s a lovingly assembled slab of crunchingly heavy beats, with a distinctive production sound of its own, and some wicked comedy value.”

“Pixelpussy will be releasing his debut album “This Is Meower Noise” on June 2010. Pixelpussy is Daemon Chadeau of L.A., California. With years of experience in the music business, Daemon has been a DJ in the Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco areas. He has also streamed online for several online radio stations including MoonSlave Radio. Daemon started Pixelpussy as part of a New Year’s Resolution to return to songwriting. The album is in the industrial genre of noise with rhythm each track offering different sounds for club goers “dancing feet”. The album will be out on June 25th, 2010 and will be released via MoonSlave Radio, LLC. www.moonslave-radio.com”

“Southern California DJ and producer Daemon Chadeau will release This Is Meower Noise, the debut album from his Pixelpussy power noise project, June 25 on the MoonSlave Radio label. In addition to eight original tracks, the album features five remixes from the likes of ESA, Bioassay and Code 000. Visit the links for more information and sample tracks”

“The best "worst" thing to happen to music since Kompressor..Testicle nectar is the shizzle...!!”