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"Best of Pittsburgh 2012 City Paper Readers' Poll Best Alt-Folk Alt-Country Band"

City Paper

“Best of Pittsburgh 2011 City Paper Readers' Poll Best Alt-County Alt-Folk band in Pittsburgh”

City Paper

“While they take on an old-style aesthetic, they avoid the painstaking pretentiousness of steampunkish re-creationists. Instead, they identify with a certain camp of folk revivalists like Holy Ghost Tent Revival, O'Death, Shotgun Party and Jayke Orvis: acts that are retro but not to the point of shtick, and that concentrate on good songwriting.”

Andy Mulkerin - City Paper

“This is a band that really knows their shit. They wield their instruments masterfully, which is all the more amazing considering their instruments include things like accordions, tin flutes, mandolins and cellos. Wrap this all up with amazing skill and some amazing voices and you have folk gold on your hands. Honestly. The Armadillos are my 8th most played band for the past year, even though I only own 8 songs by them.”

Lesile - Sound and Tonic

“With groups like The Avett Brothers attracting a large, crossover audience, the time seems right for a Pittsburgh act like The Armadillos to grab similar reins. ”

Manny Theiner - Pittsburgh Post-Gazett