Pitch Black Ribbons / Press

"The amount of musical knowledge you two have is compounded in your amazing musical tunes!"

Musician from Bath, ME - Maine Musician

"Great songs...lyrics, vocals, harmonies. Great tone and musicianship. Really enjoyable material."

"A well oiled machine. a syncopation of pistons, valves, gears, and spark fueled on their own energy. An object lesson for any band trying to pave their own way. By the time you are grooving with the song, [Clint & Cody] drop the funk. Literally. A band you can not sum up in 3 words. or 1,400 words. They let their music do the talking."

Matt Morris - It Magazine, vol. 1 #4

"I want to thank you for some really fine music at our spring concert this year. Three days later, the students are still talking about it, & how much they enjoyed your band."

Peder Moe, Student Activities Coordinator - University of Maine at Machias

“You're sure to be entertained by the guitar-playing Phipps brothers...”

"Another fun night [with the Pitch Black Ribbons]!"

"Their shows rip from start to finish. Fun for the whole family!"

Tim Sheppard - Portland Band Thrust 13 Bassist

"I was pleasantly taken, not only by their playing & singing abilities, but also by the strength of their lyrics. They had something to say & were saying it musically."

Kris Larson - Machias Valley News Observer

"A blend of unique styles, they have a unique sound."

UMaine Magazine - Ebb & Flow

"They put out a huge sound, and have a high energy show that everyone must experience."

George Skala - Pushing Zero frontman

"Musicians committed to growing & making their mark."

Downeast Coastal Press

"Thanks guys! You sounded great tonight! I'll be calling you tomorrow to set up a return engagement!"

Christine, the Gold Mine - Portland Maine Club Owner

“Brothers Cody and Clint Phipps will be bringing their acoustic country-rock act, PitchBlack Ribbons, over to The Dogfish Bar & Grille in Portland. Tonight you can check the fellas out as they play a set for free beginning at 8pm.”

“PBR rules. Period.”

"Great Singer/Songwriters!"

"One heckuva Alt-Americana throwdown!"

"The real deal."

"Perfect representation of the PBR legacy tonight. Thank you. A pleasure for sure. Always appreciate the brothers - looking forward to the next event!"

“Pitch Black Ribbons bring their smooth sounds to Nocturnem. The band that has been all over New England now helps you relax this Friday night with a cool draft and great music...”

“I heard nothing but great things about the Pitch Black Ribbons {performance} this weekend. Let me know if you want to perform here again in the future!”

"The[ir] musical offerings will surely tempt you."

"Their Music is like whisky. Golden, smoky, dark and sublime..."