The Pistolwhips / Press

“Did I mention that they ain’t hard on the eyes either? I bet Rylan Schultz’ raspy delivery is guaranteed to be a panty-dropper on the college circuit. I don’t mean to diminish their musical talent by talking about their teen idol looks either --- it just begged sayin’.”

“It’s time for some feel good music courtesy of Saskatoon’s Pistolwhips and the sturdy veteran that is Alain Lalonde. The seductive sounds of The Pistolwhips start this track off before the work of Alain shines through in the form of an incredibly funky nu-disco section. The further you go the more epic it gets, appealing to just about every type of music lover.”

“The band’s members — Schultz, Zach Davies, Paul Kuzbik and Christian Kongawi — are staples in the Saskatoon music scene. They belong to other local groups including Sly Business, Fountains of Youth, The Rebellion and Whiskey Songs.”

“Check it out, rock and rollers! Saskatoon band The Pistolwhips have just received the mastered copies of their first, and long-awaited EP "No Tomorrow." The EP was recorded by Josh Palmer in Saskatoon and contains 4 great tracks written by frontman Rylan Schultz and bandmates Paul Kuzbik, Zach Davies, and Christian Kongawi. The songs are all so well crafted and catchy, I don't know what I would even choose as a single!”

“Local rock group get spooky with Halloween release show at The Fez If you haven’t seen them yet, you will soon enough. The Pistolwhips, a Saskatoon-based rock group, are gearing up to release their debut EP entitled No Tomorrow on Saturday, Oct. 27 at The Fez.”