“ wicked true aussie rock..well done PISTENBROKE.this song drives along like a wild run away train..great strong rythm and a face melting lead break..the singer has lemmy like vocals but adds his own unique individuallty..the big pub bands of old would raise a fit and a fuck yeah to this band..great stuff guys do us aussies proud”

left hand luke - triple j un-earthed web page

“First of all what a GREAT riff! This song definately gets you going from start to finish. The lyrics are a clever take on Aussie humor and pun and while this is a fun, tongue in cheek song it is so much more as you can see the pure raw talent behind it! The gritty vocals, energetic drum and bass lines and of course lets not forget the guitar that just reminds you how true aussie rock should be!! This is definately a show you dont want to miss! ”

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“Excellent old school style Heavy Rock, obviously a mixed bag of influences, Chuck Berry intro that goes into a heavy thumping singalong, also a very hot solo. Great ocker pub lyrics, its a party song ! I love it ! ”

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“Next up was the no frills, foot to the floor heavy rock and metal of the grizzled and rather fearsome looking four-piece Pistenbroke. Think early Judas Priest, Rose Tattoo, Accept and Motörhead and you will be around the mark. Pistenbroke proceeded to pummel and leer their way through a selection of storming songs with no shortage of skill, all of which were very well received by a slowly building crowd. A particular highlight was Manwhore which saw guitarist Mark break out the twin neck Gibson. ”

“I just realised it's Tuesday, and we don't have a band of the week yet.... So starting now, the band of the week will be Pistenbroke. Based on their gig over the weekend, how could I go past them!”

SHANE BISHOP - I just realised it's Tuesday, and we don't have a band of the week yet.... So st

“Pissed N Broke belong to the old school rock/metal family. Loud, down and dirty…and glorious! There are shades of the classic Aussie pub sound in there…think Rose Tattoo, AC/DC and so forth. There are also shades of other influences in there, such as Anvil (yep, Anvil the masters of down an dirty thumping classic rock), and other louder 80′s style rockers. No pretty boy hair rock here. They have recently signed with an American management, booking and distribution company and are heading to the States in March 2011. Lock up yer daughters!”

“Looking for some classic rock? Than these are the guys for you! Pistenbroke have done an amazing job at this song. I love the classic sound that these guys have managed to achieve. This song is quite Guns N Roses like and I absolutely love that sound. The guitar riff in this song is catchy and really gives the song some power behind itself. I would have liked to have seen the vocals a little louder but I feel that the volume they are at right now gives enough power for them to just stand out over the top. Watch out for the killer solo in this song! Its awesome! The rhythm guitar in the background help pulls the song along. The bass does a great job at keeping a straight feel to the song. Love the tune guys! Look forward to hearing more soon!”

“Like four bastard sons of the unholy coupling between Lemmy and a troupe of marauding biker wenches, Adelaide’s PISTENBROKE (Geddit??) raise a tattooed middle finger with this searing slab of solid metal. Just like Motorhead, the vocals are gruff, the music is raw, the melodies are strong, the sense of humour is intact, the riffs are memorable and the subject matter is gritty. ‘Manwhore’ is about… well… you can guess! ‘Rock Out With Your Cock Out’ is a favourite of mine that must surely incite riots live, while ‘Forever In Black’ is a runaway train of a track. From the start to the end of this four tracker the Motorhead comparisons remain strong, but only as a benchmark – Pistenbroke ain’t no copycats! There’s a Metallica-flavoured riff here, some punkishness there, and a hefty serve of Aussie pub rock throughout. It’s rough and dirty and raw, and all the better for it! True Brewed Rock n’ Roll – indeed!”


“Pistenbroke jammed in the Bistro Room with their crowd of both followers and first timers cramming in to watch and listen. They look brutal, they sound brutal, and they go off!! “Ripsnorter” and “Rock Out With Ya Cock Out” were just two of the songs played, with the crowd yelling along and dancing like it was a back yard party – awesome to see!!”