Pirate Radio / Press

“Welcome Home marks a significant evolution from the band's 2005 self-titled debut ... The result is a fuller, warmer sounding record. "Stealing Hours" gallops out of the gate, and "Lodestar" and "Give" provide a nice, one-two punch. "Catching Leaves" lives up to its name in the breezy simplicity of the melody and "Ocean Beach" serves as a plaintive epilogue...whatever your chosen epithet is, Pirate Radio's got it in spades.”

"[Pirate Radio] has an understated traditional rock vibe that manages to keep you listening and paying attention even when the overall tone of the piece seems familiar. Put differently, they deliver a record of actual high quality rock songs, rather than an imitation of those that already exist... a solid effort in songwriting and instrumentation rooted firmly in the traditions of Dylan, Young, and Springsteen." - Hippies Are Dead review of "Welcome Home"