Piranha / Press

“In your face KILLER metal with kickin brutal vocals !!”

“I’d like to welcome Piranha as tonight’s Saturday night special. This high energy metal band has been highly acclaimed all over the midwest, and especially in Minneapolis area. They are a driven, successful force of heavy metal that makes the Minneapolis music scene that much more lively. This is truly an audiences band. With an electrifying stage performance, they have played some of the best venues in the midwest. They also have played with some of the biggest names in music, which includes Marilyn Manson, Lamb of God, Hatebreed, and the list goes on. Their current CD release titled “Too Bad They Multiply”, released June 2013, which includes the singles ”Phoenix” and “Everything Falls”, have received excellent reviews. My own thoughts on this cd is that it’s absolutely awesome. I give it two horns way up high.”

“Great set! You guys really throwdown!”

Ill Nino