Piqued Jacks / Press

“A unique vibrancy that set themselves apart from the other acts. If you get the chance to see them live, don’t throw it away.”

“Think Coheed & Cambria if they were brought up in Tuscany. Or Mars Volta. Or Wolfmother. Get the picture? It’s a pretty one.”

“Piqued Jacks are taking the world by storm with their album Aerial Roots.”

“This band set out to conquer the world with their alt/funk-rock vibes and energetic performances”

“A ten-years career that continues to surprise.”

“Do they play interesting music? Yes they do. Are they having success? Yes they are.”

“The revelation of the Tuscan rock.”

"Folks, come to see us live, and then we’ll be friends for the rest of our lives."

“Aerial Roots' variety hits the mark.”

“Climb Like Ivy Does' indie rock can happily convert me. Aerial Roots' stripped back feel shows off more of the band's talent.”

“Climb Like Ivy Does sounds ready to stand out. It is possible to change and, without any doubt, to amuse, too.”

“Aerial Roots is consistent and balanced, a great work.”

“A musical dream of priceless roots and gems that can make the mainstream envy, really beyond the underground. Excellent!”

“The soft listen of Aerial Roots is great for anywhere.”

“A band with a unique talent. The stage is their natural habitat.”

“It's very hard to classify Piqued Jacks' music into a specific genre, which is a really great virtue.”

“Passion comes from everything the band does. So it is Aerial Roots.”

“It's beautiful to fall into the intensity of their music.”

“It's always a pleasure to go see them.”

“One of the best new bands of Tuscany”

“Climb Like Ivy Does has hot blooded riffs made to be acclaimed by more and more people”

“Aerial Roots captures the same pride and passion of its predecessor”

“Romantic Soldier is a sure hit”

“These are the stories we like”

“Aerial Roots is one of the most interesting acoustic albums in the Italian music scene”

"Aerial Roots" is a huge step forward

“An American sound made in Italy”

“They behaved well on stage, strength of character and excellent skills.”

“Their name has really been at forefront in the last months”

“For the new issue's presentation, Naturart gave custody of the grand finale to the Piqued Jacks”

“One of the most beautiful villas of Tuscany will open its doors to the Piqued Jacks”

“I've always believed that some of the best rock music hails from Europe. Italy's now on my list.”

“Has anybody signed this band, yet?”

“Piqued Jacks, a wonderful forward progression of sound, soul and substance!”

“Piqued Jacks are modern rock troubadours that are making a beautiful noise”

“An unforgettable performance”

“A band well-armed with the singer's great voice”

“The international vocation of the band became a reality”

“The Piqued Jacks will be the opening act at Interpol's concert in Prato!”

“Among the best and latest news, the Piqued Jacks' opening for Interpol”

“Interpol will be preceded by local talent Piqued Jacks”

“Piqued Jacks + Interpol: what a festival kickoff”

“Piqued Jacks on the stage of the Marea Festival, a pleasant return”

“You hardly see something like that in the Italian scene”

“Breaking news: Piqued Jacks to open for the fabulous Interpol”

“Piqued Jacks have been making steady progress & going from strength to strength since their humble beginnings”

“- Front cover and two-pages feature on printed magazine -”

“Like the ivy, the band is going far.”

"Climb Like Ivy Does" has a sound that is missing from the mainstream at the moment.

“The setting for the “Romantic Soldier” video is a sprawling and imposing library spanning several stories and levels.”

"Climb Like Ivy Does" contains highly listenable, imaginative and well crafted songs on the pop side of prog rock

““Climb Like Ivy Does”. Don’t ever forget your roots, and fight for what you love.”

"Climb Like Ivy Does" has a powerful sound that exemplifies the fantastical lyrics and edgy crooning

"Climb Like Ivy Does" is going to be your next favorite new rock album

“We've never worked with such passion and commitment on something, we consider every aspect of this album as the result of all the experiences we've had so far”

““Climb Like Ivy Does” is an exhortation to “fight” for what you love without giving up and also without forgetting about your roots, which is what Ivy does in our EP and, actually, what we’ve been doing as the Piqued Jacks.”

"The sound of "Climb Like Ivy Does" can easily catch the mainstream attention it deserves"

"Every song has its own unique identity. "Climb Like Ivy Does" is their best work to-date. 9.5/10"

"With a special own brand of alternative funk rock, Piqued Jacks arrive hot on the scene with Climb Like Ivy Does"

“Tuscany, Italy and Austin, Texas are getting way too small for these lads. "Climb Like Ivy Does" is an LP with some epic and transcendant moments.”

"Climb Like Ivy Does" is a thrill. Intrusive riffs and solid storytelling.

"Climb Like Ivy Does" is full of heart. A reflective gorgeous piece displaying the immense talent of Piqued Jacks.

"The production of the tracks on "Climb Like Ivy Does" is stellar. The band is able to move between slow and fast, establishing a momentum that speeds up and slacks off for the greatest potential belief. 8.7/10"

“We made dance and received compliments from old Texan cowboys, successful jazz-men, latin music lovers, children of all ages, Tuscan countrywomen, metalheads, boys and girls from any city.”

"Upturned Perspectives" shows off the overall musical prowess of this band in all its glory. Heavy on monster vocals and melodies, Upturned Perspectives is not your little sister’s kind of tune. 7.7/10

“Piqued Jacks is poignant. Talent and marketability has etched this artist a notch on our watchlist.”

“The band’s origin overseas and their recent transplant to the states gives their sound an added layer of aural sensation and interesting nuances. 3.6/5”

“I recently had the chance to sit down with pop-rock luminaries Piqued Jacks, and I've found these young Italians to be fun rock and rollers who really know what they’re on about.”

“Piqued Jacks are artists of the twenty first century, a band who understand how to connect with millennials, which is a feat in itself. These beautiful people are going to rise forth, almighty and powerful.”

“Any act that describes their sound as “being able to speak without impediment; having sex in the most intense way possible; expressing ourselves 100%” certainly have a lot to live up to.”

“E-King commands a intensely unique funk-alternative brand of music.”

“Funked-up and with their phasers set to stun, Piqued Jacks burst onto the scene with their latest releases Upturned Perspectives and No Bazooka.”

“The compelling and controlled energy of Upturned Perspectives is impressive; [...] the lush instrumentation of No Bazooka will endear the band to fans 8.3/10”

“Our background is very simple and pure, our music is the result of those things. [...] Come to see us playing live; even if you are not interested, we’ll make you Piqued.”

“Musicians like Piqued Jacks is one of the main reasons why we spend the time to do this. Before you read the interview go listen to the song.”

“The band has been making a lot of noise in the Austin, Texas area, and it’s easy to see why after listening to the EP. These guys have some serious potential.”

“Our live shows are the perfect “showcase” for our chemistry, our energy and passion; fans can expect something they will emotionally love.”

"Just a Machine" is in fact a very enjoyable album and the music is tireless .The strong songwriting and grooves are to be applauded wish them great success in future. 4/5"

“My Kite, a slow burning ballad destined to carry you away, that is sandwiched between five blistering funk infused grooves that form a very attractive release.”

“Piqued Jacks were killer - those guys will go far!”

“Austin's music scene has been gifted with new, sensational talent "Piqued Jacks" (from Italy). Pulsing with creative passion and skilled precision on stage - just like a Ferrari - so go see them live NOW they will drive you crazy and in style!”

“Piqued Jacks have definitely nailed down their sound on this EP while leaving room to grow in more experimental directions. The latter half of the album reflects a highly evolved attunement and melodic sensibility which I hope to hear more of on their follow up. 7.4/10”

“Nobody else can put together the human element and such a musical exploration the way we do.”

“[...]...it is a fully realized rock exercise. The test of any EP is if it makes you want to hear more, and Just a Machine is just a little too little. Let's hear more! 4/5”

“The EP is a masterful production from it’s funky fresh rock sound to it’s strong lyrical content. Just A Machine is intermixed with up tempo tracks that will get you jumping up and down and slower tempo tracks that create a pleasing experience emphasized by the sweet sounding guitar.”

“My Kite is a beautiful beast of a ballad, starting out slowly with round, resounding piano notes grounded by echoing electronic. Though this song might be one of the softer songs from their forthcoming EP, the muscular polychromatic style of the band still pumps through the track and makes us feel like we’re flying high.”

“A new band I really like. A band self-described as a “big robot made of alternative rock,” they occasionally have a tendency to lean towards the cheesy, but the quality of their material and the skill of the musicians easily outweigh any flaws.”

“They dove into the American music industry only last year, and Austin, the Live Music Capital of the World, seemed like a perfect place to continue their journey as an independent, up-and-coming group in the local (and international) music scene. [...] It is not enough for the Piqued Jacks to simply play, without “giv[ing] the people something” to intensely feel for themselves.”

"Right now we're moving to Austin for a while. Once there, we'll begin the Texan leg of our “Just a Machine” tour, flying around the Lone Star State in our shiny spacecraft (a used minivan) to spread our name and music during the ACL's week and going on till December."

“Picture The Mars Volta meeting Incubus by means of a futuristic funk explosion. The survivors of this tragedy emerge as the Piqued Jacks. It is obvious that this tight group of friends breathe music: check 'em out!”

“Now, I can add another band to my list of favorite performers that can really bring the noise. Meet the Indie Funk/Alternative/Rock Band, Piqued Jacks, who have crafted/fused their own winning sound that certainly stands them apart from others in the Indie Music Industry.”

“Piqued Jacks get down and dirty with their latest release, Just a Machine. A brilliantly produced 6 song EP, Just a Machine showcases the Italian funk-rock band's awesomeness and goes far beyond the typical alternative rock sound you may have grown accustomed to hearing. 3.6/4”

“Just a Machine is a collection of songs by a band that shows promise to take up the mantle of progressive rock and roll in 2013 and beyond. Piqued Jacks have great attention to song structure and never linger too long in one moment. It makes for a very healthy listening experience. They have a sound that rock fans from every generation can latch onto. They can force you to jump out of your chair and lose brain cells, or, take a long reflective walk around the block.”

“With a high recording quality and very precious melodic structures, Piqued Jacks' music is a well-dosed alternative rock that, through the funky guitar, gives a slight soul to a heavy and intricate robot.”

“Without any doubt, Just a Machine is a high-grade and professional album; a work for expert ears that can also win the more unexperienced ones”

“Just a Machine is an album worth listening to. It has its charm that makes you fall in love right when you press the “play” button ★★★★★”

“Just a Machine is a fascinating EP with a big technical quality that surprises and amuses”

“These guys are excellent musicians all around with GREAT songs. They are keeping the funk alive and I predict within the next year they will be big.”

“Four guys grown side by side, the Piqued Jacks are one of the most up-and-coming bands of this moment”

“The path is long, so we keep on walking with humility and joy of learning, confident that one day someone will realize that a music group composed by a Dog, a Penguin a Ladle and a King is something really interesting”

“The jury of Indie Time Prize have finally chosen Piqued Jacks, that play a funk-influenced rock with moments of strong intensity”


“The city of Montecatini will give them the Franco Campioni Prize, as the best new band of the area”

“A more mature band that knows exactly what it wants”

“They are the ambassadors of the Italian creativity”

“With their alternative rock and their stage presence, Piqued Jacks always carry a great show”