Pioneers West / Press

“Hey! We made Sader's list of favorite shows!”

“See our interview on The Camp Tacoma”

"These guys have passion and will travel. Watch for them."

“September 19th is going to be one real cool night at the HPHQ! Tacoma’s Washington’s indie rock machine Pioneers west is playing with La Grande folksters Elidila. Joining locally is the noise pop All Your Sisters (Fa Fa Fa) and indie hornets Very Pretty Pigeon. Monday, September 19th at the HPHQ $5 show starts at 8pm”

“Reminiscent of Band of Horses, this group is led by Luke Larsen, who recently fronted a well-received solo project called Library. Hopefully there’s more in the works on both fronts. ”

“Bands like Pioneers West are a rarity - bringing together established genres to mix, mold and make something new and make music exciting to listen to again. When they are from your hometown, that brings a whole new level of pride into the equation. Like finding gold for 49ers, Pioneers West may take you pleasantly by surprise, and will certainly make you feel like you hit the indie rock jackpot.”

“To cut to the chase, Pioneers West is one of the better things this town has going, an unabashed sonic perpetuation and proliferation of a genre of the band’s own making — “Western Doom.” It’s a self-contrived genre that sounds badass, both in name and practice — and this band has it down pat.”

“Among Tacoma’s most promising indie bands is Pioneers West, an up-and-coming quartet with an intense sound that has similarities to Modest Mouse and Built to Spill. ”

“Tacoma has been turning out a lot of good muisc in the last year, and Pioneers West is no exception. PW shirts the lines of shoe-gaze with soul derived indie-esk volcals. Darker texture paints an image of broken overtones, and an almost baritone voice that shifts the demeanor to that of lyrical depth.”