Pinnacle / Press

"Pinnacle is a band that embodies the spirit of NEARfest. Whatever progressive musical elements draw you to the festival, you'll find in listening to Pinnacle."

Larry Fast - Synergy, Peter Gabriel

"There was a pleasant surprise in my inbox today: Recorded works by the band, Pinnacle featuring Karl Eisenhart, Greg Jones, Bill Fox, and Matt Francisco. This is keenly worked-out and performed “Progressive Rock” music, which all-too-often these days, falls flat by means of either having something to prove, or attempting to water itself down in the hopes of reaching as many tastes as possible. Thankfully, neither is the case here. Seemingly undaunted by the stigma or rules most would adhere to, this band can nimbly switch between a pedal-to-the-metal, stop-on-a-dime, balls-out boogie shuffle (think Kansas on steroids) to a thoughtful, ballad-esque plea, in no time flat. And do it so convincingly well that listeners may quite forget their own surroundings. This is a tricky, expertly presented joy to listen to, by a finely-honed band that deserves to be heard. Gentlemen, thank you for making my morning."

Dave Kerman - Present, Thinking Plague

“The new Pinnacle album A Blueprint For Chaos is what prog rock fans have been waiting for -- great songwriting, epic tracks, and expert musicianship. Fans of Rush, Spock's Beard and Styx are sure to enjoy A Blueprint For Chaos."”

Kerry Chicoine - Mars Hollow

“Pinnacle have done it again! They hail from some corner of the multiverse in which Cat Stevens, Tony Banks and Neil Peart had joined Steve Morse in Kansas. Pinnacle has a mystical gift for creating anthems that evoke the best of classic Seventies art rock, while sounding fresh, edgy and new. The music soars melodically, grooves infectiously, and rocks incessantly. Acquire this by any means necessary!"”

Brian Coralian - IZZ

“The contribution of Pinnacle [to Tuonen Tytar II] contains an exciting rock guitar, splendid Hammond work and a strong bass/guitar duel in (Paikalliset Tuulet, Finnforest).”

“A strong and enjoyable fairly heavy second-wave progressive-rock album. The musicianship is very fine; the songs are inventive and varied; the album [Meld] is full of energy.”