“One o’ them bands that hop scotches between punk, metal, scum rock, and stoner rock. Things are heavy, the guitars chugga-chugga along, the drums wham-bam relentlessly, and the singer howls from the gravel pit that is his voice box.”

“Pinkzilla is easily one of the best unsigned acts that I’ve heard all year and I’m sure you’ll agree once you pick up this album! 9.5/10”

“An up and coming band that doesn’t care if you give them any attention. But I do! Check these guys out! Spark one up and let Pinkzilla wrap their giant hand around your throat and show you what’s what!”

Chase "Typhon" Smith - Funeral Rain

“The first think you’ll notice about Lurking Behind the Trees is the relentless drums. This guy never stops pummeling the snare and bass drum. Jesus man, calm down! Lurking Behind the Trees is ultra lo-fi, but Pinkzilla embrace this by cranking everything up and letting it all crackle. It makes for a raw listen, but one not without its charm.”

Nick DeMarino - stonerrock.com

“The recording really has an energetic and loud vibe. There is definitely an early ‘90's sound, but it doesn’t sound dated and the songs are friggin’ good, period. Feedback and wah induced freakouts, will have you, the listener, transfixed. The melodies and jagged chords are a hard habit to shake, beware the Pinkzilla.”

Matthew Tranker - stonerrock.com

“There is a local band where I live called pinkzilla and they turn up so loud the push mesa dual rectefiers and ampeg 8 10's too loud that they sound like crap.”

Random guy - ultimateguitar.com

“The sheer density of the three piece's throbbing Sabbath influenced rock reminds me of Wolfmother, but-based on Pinkzilla's quick as Zeke rips and long instrumental jams (which are the real highlight)- I'd imagine these guys consume way more cheap beer.”

Jason Simms - Willamette Week