Pinky and the Floyd / Press

“It was my first experience seeing them. I have seen Roger Waters twice in concert and another Pink Floyd cover band that tours the world, Aussie Floyd, and I just have to say the show on Thursday that I attended was amazing! The entire group, the instruments, the two guest singers/guitar players, the lights, the sound......it was so incredible. The energy was unmatched by any show of any kind that I have seen in MT or many others shows that I have been too. This entire group is so talented and so amazing. I am still in complete awe and admiration from the EXPERIENCE that I had on Thursday night.”

Jason Bliss - via Facebook

“I attended your concert at the Emerson last night and had to send a note of thanks! It was truly one of the best concerts I've ever been to, the music was fabulous and the atmosphere electric. I was with a dear friend, an 84 year old British woman who is a big PF fan, and now Pinky! She got a new knee a couple months ago and I wasn't sure how long she'd last. At 11:00 she was still bouncing in here seat, eyes wide. After the last encore she was quite disappointed there wouldn't be more! I was 22 years old and a senior in college when Dark Side was released, it changed my musical perspective forever. To have such a great tribute band to listen to is just wonderful! When the concert was over my friend commented it was obvious that the band really had a good time playing. Made me a bit jealous, I want to do what you do! (But have no musical talent beyond being a good listener!)”

Bruce Richards - Facebook

“For anyone with an appreciation for the music of Pink Floyd, Pinky and the Floyd is a must see. No, seriously, a MUST see! Musicianship is top notch and the passion and chemistry undeniable. A complete experience that reminds everyone how fun it can be to make music! Pinky Rocks!!”

Pedro Von Trippler - MontanaBands.com

“Pinky and the Floyd are a veritable ‘Who’s Who’ of the Bozeman music scene…”

Rachel Hergett - Bozeman Daily Chronicle

“Veterans of Pink Floyd concerts were almost in awe with the sold-out performance. Pinky and the Floyd produces a wall of sound with all the bricks intact.”

“The momentum that this 9 piece carries through each song and throughout the night is more than enough to keep the crowd bated, hoping to hear their favorite Floyd tune. They respect each note, whether it’s a note-for-note rendition of “Fearless” or a driving jam segment of their own creation. The energy is high, the sound is full, and the band is drenched in talent. The all-star lineup does a great job of making their performance look easy, and it’s obvious that Pink Floyd is deep seeded in each of them.”

Kelsey Usher - Bozeman Magazine