Pink Noise / Press

“New York City – based quartet Pink Noise has blasted their way onto the indie rock scene with their debut album. This album seamlessly combines the unique musical ideas of four individuals into a soundscape that smacks you upside the head with its intensity and intelligent mix of stylistic tricks.”

Score Music Magazine

“Sharron Sulami’s voice drips both breathily and pollutedly sharp at various points, like PJ Harvey in her lo-fi youth. The musicianship is top drawer too, ‘Come Over’ swashing like Beefheart’s ‘Best Batch Yet’.”

The Vanity Project

“This new Brooklyn Israeli band has crafted a self produced album that is shockingly great. As the guitars soar loudly with Sharron's voice reaching angelic heights. Fans of Curve, Siouxsie, and Pj Harvey should check this band out.”

“I was totally blown away by Pink Noise’s All is Nu. This is a band that could overthrow the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s as NYC’s Alt-Rock Kings.”

The Blind Server

“I want to mention a few that I thought deserved attention: Pink Noise, play a cool blend of edgy indie rock with Industrial influences with strong, dark female vocals. Recommended for fans of Garbage, NIN, PJ Harvey.”

The Deli Magazine

“It seems like the band has been hard at work, their sound is more evolved and the arrangements are much more complex, with unorthodox drum patterns and guitar parts that complement each other while interchanging solo and rhythm parts.”

106 FM Radio

“Pink Noise closed the night out with a bang. They rocked and jammed like Sonic Youth of 15 years ago and I was once again extremely impressed with a band I'd never really even heard of before. Shame on me.”

Ear Farm

“Pink Noise took this week's prize for favored act, mining a spooky PJ Harvey vibe that is very close to me heart. The lead singer was bubbly and charismatic in spite of the prevailing darkness, turning what could have been a gloom parade into a crystalline.”

“Pink Noise moved resoundingly beyond a Siouxsie label into controlled territory whose fringes are patrolled by Sonic Youth. On stage Sulami has the voice and presence of a post-Goth Valkyrie.”

The Montreal Gazette September 30, 2005

“Pink Noise is a local art rock quartet who strives to keep their audience guessing..Like four musicians playing with a shared brain. The result is tight, complex, and fascinating.”

Tom O'connell - The Deli