Pink Lipsticks / Press

“Their self titled debut (CD) Pink Lipsticks is full of delicious riffs, driving beats, sassy vocals, dirty solos, and attitude...”

Green Room Pub - Sheboygan

“The Pink Lipsticks debut album is Mid-West Rock-n-Roll at it's finest. Showcasing their classic dynamic style, moody lyrics, and melodies that play through your head hours after listening. This album is best served up with your favorite six pack and a couple of smokes!”

Monument Music

“Folks, I really love your work... Your album is excellent, especially "Ain't losing you", "Careless Woman" and "Summetime". Great songwriting, great voice and best arrangements... Rock on, buddies. Give me more of that Southern-Rock-Stuff ... !”

European rock fan

“Classic American Rock-n-Roll with a little bit of that swank-n-swagger your Mamma warned you about!”

Monument Music