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Pink Flag / Press

“Imagine Vivian Girls as modest, talented and thoughtful musicians.
 For Fans Of: Sleater-Kinney, Liz Phair x the Gossip, feminism, not taking bullshit.

“This Durham, N.C., trio of lady punks is going places. This is their first EP after a few years of silence; they’ve matured, calmed down (a little) and practiced a lot.
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“[Fight Song] is an effective statement of purpose, and a good introduction to their sound: poppy punk/post-punk with soaring vocals and great harmonizing. As the record moves along, the band shows off a great sense of melody. They do the quiet-loud-quiet thing quite well, as shown on songs like “Dirty Hair Party.” The music here is infectious and will definitely have you bobbing along and dancing.”

“Best band I wasn’t very familiar with before, I’d say. More people should listen to this band, because they were awesome. Awesome 3-piece, all female power-pop-punk. I feel that, if there’s any justice in this world, this band will be huge.”

“Pink Flag are so totally badass, both on- and off-stage. I predict HUGE things for them in 2011. It is inevitable!”

“Durham's Pink Flag and Chicago's 8 Inch Betsy—in both cases, three women chiseling a hybrid of post-punk guitars, whipsmart rhythms and crafty choruses—again share a bill. Pink Flag is more wont to snap at you, with Betsy Shane's sharp sense of humor and invective slicing through the beats and fuzz like a middle finger in a crowded room.”

“Named for Wire's calling card, Pink Flag angles electric guitars around bulbous bass and powerful drums.”

“Pink Flag aren't as cheeky, but they play with plenty of energy and tunefulness and Jessica Caesar, one of the Triangle's best rock drummers.”

“Pink Flag make a nice aperitif with jagged, hook-lined punk bluster possessing alluring wiggle and dynamics to separate from a full-throated rrriot.”

“Recently, if new track "3 6 9" is any indicator, Pink Flag is taking a page out of Sleater-Kinney's book and drifting away from straight-ahead punk to broaden the breadth of its songwriting. Quickly becoming an energetic indie-punk hybrid...don't miss out.”

“When they want to draw on their punk influences, these ladies heat up, especially on the rare occasion when drummer Jessica unleashes her soulful, sonorous voice.”

“Pink Flag is the odd female three-piece out here, but they'll bust up the boys' club just fine: Behind angular guitar lines and rowdy harmonies, they bring one of the area's most forceful drummers.”

“Pink Flag peels off wiry riot-grrrl-referencing pop-punk”

“the precociously broken-hearted Pink Flag, who lent a venomous edge to their pop-punk jams”

“chain mail-clad Pink Flag kicked off the show with a loose, carefree set of irreverent riot-pop, something like a noisier Bratmobile. Playing without any trace of pretense, the trio allowed its music to speak for itself...and proved a solid opening.”

“Durham power-pop girl group Pink Flag (think Be Your Own Pet, but better)”

“A new Bull City favorite, Pink Flag features one of the Triangle's most on-point, pocket-busting drummers, Jessica Caesar. Smacking at her hi-hats and snares like bad habits, she pushes the band's harmony-based, serpentine odes to anti-scene, anti-standards defiance into overdrive.”

“Pink Flag may well be the best Triangle area band to see live; I’ve never seen this band off their game, in fact they seem to be a little better every time I see them.”

“Pink Flag absolutely rules. Seriously, I hate to gush because that kind of sounds simultaneously insincere and groupie-like, but I just can't think of enough good things to say about this band.”

“What comes off as a bit too precious on record reveals itself as a perfect balance of mirth, melody and misanthropy…on stage. [PFlag] is one of the Bull City's best new acts, juxtaposing chiming guitars with noisy shocks, taut rhythms with playful hooks and scene politics with personal motivation.”

“Having seen Pink Flag live, I do have a new appreciation for the album. And anyone that thinks they are the stereotypical, all girl bands are bad or ok at best, type of outfit; go see them live and they will destroy your brain with awesome.”

“With three-part harmonies punched up with one of Durham's best drum/ guitar combinations, Pink Flag twists with defiance, its melodies the sugar convincing you to love the constant sour.”

“Pink Flag's spiky riot-pop chews Bratmobile and Sonic Youth into energetic, dirtied-up bubblegum.”

“Pink Flag are a great young all-woman trio who make punkrock that's somewhere between the rip-it-up of Riot Grrrrl and the fuck-with-yr-head of Raincoats/Au Pairs.”

“Amid the icy guitars and machine gun drums, there are incredible hooks and an undeniable pop sensibility that pokes out of the punk madness just enough to make this release (Introducing Pink Flag and the Homewreckers) an incredible addition to Durham’s growing legacy.”

“The essence of that firepower is not lost on Pink Flag, a band that owes as much to 7 Year Bitch as the whimsy of the Go-Gos. While their debut is an album laced with punk, Pink Flag makes use of harmonies and catchiness, still retaining a raw stance.”

“Pink Flag hit with a bit more heart, adding piercingly sentimental vocals to their punk rock anthems. If a first impression as important as they say, then Saturday’s introduction could mark the beginning of two fun musical careers to watch.”

“Pink Flag is...melody with a wrought sense of crash and burn. Think The Donnas with an indie sound...it's a pared down but solid collection of rock music that's both heavy and fun.”

“Named for Wire's debut album and its own three-female cast, Durham's Pink Flag twists its spry jangle with three-part harmonies and strengthens it with thick bass and concise punk drum fills.”

““We just want to upstage everyone,” Shane says with the sort of sly smile that manifests itself musically each time Pink Flag plugs in its instruments and begins to create the spunky punk gems that have garnered the band plenty of attention since it formed in January.”

“[Pink Flag] bridged punk flavor with saccharine harmonies. At times brash and other times smooth, Pink Flag were sweet and sour that brought ferocity along for the ride... With a combination of catchy lyrics and emotionally charged alternative music Pink Flag played hearty and fast.”

“After a few songs at any of their shows though, (Pink Flag) quickly shifts from a “girl band” into, quite simply, a very good band providing three minutes of sonic jabs with each of its high-energy jams.”

“Borrowing riot grrl's jagged ethos and dropping in a shot of the same schoolyard pop that fueled the Ramones, Pink Flag's accomplished its mission.”

“Rather than being strictly jittery punk like the name would imply, (PFlag's) got a powerpop mainline running through it. They’ve got that late-70s, do-whatcha-want punk sound, but it’s really cornering itself into the sugary pop side of post punk.”

“With the Dork Flag-led Pink Flag and the Jill Homewrecker-led Homewreckers splitting Tuesday's late shift and sharing a fondness for punk at its DIYest and for Ramones-style band surnames, the fest comes in like a lion.”

“The girls of Pink Flag pump out delightfully spunky punk.”

“The band delivered its raging anthems, mostly against the men its members have been done wrong by, with riveting… intensity and such sincere pathos that it made the audience at once identify with the situations and…make them guilty for the women they’d spurned and scared to ever do so again.”