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"I'd feel sorry for anyone foolish enough not to purchase the Christmas card. It's not simply getting a wonderful art or some fantastic music, but the sincere Holiday feeling of love, spite and gleeful madness that only the Pine Box Boys can bring during this, the most festive of seasons."

from Jason L. Brow via Facebook - awesome fan

"Murder ballads one after the other, and, not halfway through, enough to make you queasy. Especially the indelible little number The Beauty in Her Face, which goes as far into the mind of a killer as anyone needs to. You know how it s going to end before the first verse does, and you spend the rest of the song trying to make it come out differently.” ---Greil Marcus, INTERVIEW magazine

Greil Marcus - INTERVIEW magazine

““The Pine Box Boys are a must for any even partial fan of artists like Drive By Truckers and Bad Livers.””

CD Baby

"Akansas Killing Time is an impressive first album, but these songs of death sound even better live. Onstage, the Pine Box Boys are captivating performers.”

East Bay Express

"The Pine box Boys get away with murder in the Waterfront—Now the economical world seems to be on it’s ass, you could bother, or you could just follow the Pine Box Boy’s example. Like the name implies, they mostly sing about death, murder and misery. But with a splendid dose of humor so it stays legal after all. All this with a musical hint of Bluegrass Americana and gothic country. In case you are thinking ‘I recognize this from the now oohhhhh so popular Hayseed Dixie and Boss Hoss’ then this is the advise: slay those albums, burn your t-shirts, and look out for the Pine Box Boys. Not only more entertainment, but also a lot more orignal. For example a song about if you like a girl and she already has a boyfriend; you simply push the boyfriend in a stone grinder. Which is then followed by ‘Mister Skeleton,’ the murdering of girlfriends, murdered presidents (something we are too lazy for nowadays.) No, according to these gentleman, there is no limit to the pine boxes one


"Grizzled. Scraggly. Scruffy. Craggy. If Sergio Leone hosted a backyard barbecue, the Pine Box Boys would be tailor made to serenade any crusty cusses in attendence. These guys can play."


““String pluckin’, fiddle on fire, and San Francisco’s punked out bluegrass from a bunch of guys you wouldn’t want on your bad side in a fight. Slam some Jack and do the jig. Worthy of seeing them on their own even though they’re opening for Denver’s Slim Cessna Auto Club. If you see only one show this month, make it this one. Trust me. Even if you aren’t that into bluegrass and Americana, both bands will blow your mind.””

SF Gate.com

"Child of Calamity by the Pine Box Boys is just that and in all the best ways. It is the shitkicking, moonshining, war whooping stars and barred bastard child of Dylan’s Nashville Skyline and the Rob Zombie’s Hellbilly Deluxe. The difference? Both Dylan and Zombie, while they have strong country influences are not half so undiluted as the Pine Box Boys. From the moment you hear Lester’s vocals and Big Possum Carvidi’s banjo stylings, you’ll be hooked. The Pine Box Boys are really somethin’.”

Withersin magazine