Pinche Gringo / Press

“The onetime Spinns drummer Josh Johnson started Pinche Gringo while in Mexico City and the influence is clear. The music is hot and dirty, full of electrified soul and mind wrenchingly gorgeous punk influenced bass lines. If Pinche Gringo was a girl I would have sex with her, catch something I could never get rid of, burn her house down and spend the rest of my life drinking away my broken heart. It’s just that good.”

“Pinche Gringo is the one-man act of Greensboro's Josh Johnson, but his primitive blues-rock bests that of most full bands. With his amps stacked on steamer cases behind him, he slashes through jagged riffs that strain out all but the most aggressive bits. He yells into a drum mic that distorts his voice into a rabid bark, and the sound is intoxicating and raw.”

Jordan Lawrence - Indy Weekly

“Pinche Gringo: These cats went on LATE downstairs and Sean K. Preston made me go watch. I'm glad I did. These dudes and one dudette put on Indian feathers and war paint and then rock out. Lots of fun beats, a constant dancing morraca girl, and astounding mastery of the Silvertone "I melt if you get me wet" vintage guitar and amp. Outside of Dex Romwebber, I have rarely seen such mastery of one of these guitars. As long as there are acts like Pinche Gringo, the spirit of Hazel Adkins will never die. ”


“Pinche Gringo will make you sweat. Playing humid and oppressive guitar and drum jams straight from the garage, it is an unavoidable force.”

Daily Tar Heel

“Pinche Gringo's fueled by the vein-peeling rumble of singer/ drummer/ guitarist Josh Johnson, abetted at times by the willowy vocals of a Lovely Sarita. A survivor of The Spinns, Johnson's garage-psych heart is clogged with resin, but it sputters on persuasively.”

Chris Parker - Indy Weekly

“A throwback to the sounds of yester-year…. God Bless original sounds, from original artists pouring their hearts out for our entertainment!”

Each Note Secure

“The group's Sancho Panza is Pinche Gringo, the one-man band of Josh Johnson, which shakes, rattles and rolls like a busted-up pickup in a high-speed pursuit with the police. The vaguely dangerous, primal blues drone emanates a smart-alecky punk spirit reminiscent of The Modern Lovers.”

Chris Parker - Indy Weekly

“Pinche Gringo came on, this time accompanied at various times by the Barberries and even Todd from the Siberians (his ex-bandmate from the Spinns). This was possibly the best set of the night,the songs had more range and even went into Velvetsy territory.”

Garage Punk NYC

“One-man guitar and kick-drum killing field Pinche Gringo works a primal garage-blues groove like he's got nothing else to live for, and he'd just as soon go out with his boots muddy.”

Creative Loafing

“One man band, singing, guitar strumming, kick-drum pumping with a tambourine strapped to his laces, Pinche Gringo is more than just another songsmith affiliating himself with descendants from Quezelcoatl. He’s sowing the seeds of fertile rock n’ roll.”

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