Pilot Error / Press

“Dude! Pilot Error goes for a drum solo at their bar gigs! How many local bands have the guts to try that? Formed in 2005, this Boise rock outfit knows what’s up. Crowd-pleasing cover songs are what’s up. If you haven’t caught Pilot Error at Bad Irish, Reef, Hannah’s or another Boise bar, or gigging in Sun Valley and McCall, then you need to visit the group’s MySpace page. That’s where you’ll find a live recording of Pilot Error rocking through Journey’s “Any Way You Want It.” Check. Out. Those. Vocals. Baby. (And the guitar solo, which is reverently faithful to the original.) Pilot Error loves getting fans involved (they used the Internet to rally Best of Treasure Valley voters), so if you’re in the mood to let it all hang out and have a good time on a weekend, here’s your new favorite local band. ”

“Best Local Band - Pilot Error Well, well, well, readers. You are nothing if not unpredictable ... eventually. Year after year, certain names reappear on top in the Best of Boise polls--so much so that even though voting closes in August, if someone came up to us in June and asked who will win in a certain category, we could give an answer with little or no hesitation. Come September, we would feel vindicated. We might even say, "Nanner, nanner, we told you so." This year, you, oh regular readers and toe-keeper-oners, nanner nannered back and threw us a monkey wrench. For the first time in years, Built to Spill did not win in the Best Local Band category. Instead, you bestowed the honors to energetic rock cover band Pilot Error, a fivesome that has been spreading the sounds of Journey, Van Halen and Bon Jovi across Boise for years now, garnering a group of fervent followers along the way. Built to Spill did take second place, ATTN took third. Do we smell a tour? ”