Pilar French / Press

"Soulful, bluesy singer-songwriter Pilar French has changed her songwriting direction from one dealing with heavy topics to themes of innocence, simple pleasures and enjoying life. Her third album, Deliver, debuting this week at her CD release show, shows off French’s talents not only vocally, but also in her ability to bring various rootsy elements to an otherwise pop-rock (verging on adult contemporary) exterior. French knows how to command rooms as a solo performer with an acoustic guitar, but here she brings her Iris Dement-like vocal drag in front of a band which features violin, keyboard and accordion. If the CD release is anything like the album, fans should leave happy and a little bit lighter."

"Though, despite ["Deliver’s"] lightheartedness, it is not in French’s nature to create vapid strings of rhythm, no matter how sunny it sounds. A lot of thought goes into the lyrics and a lot of thought can be provoked from them."

“In an age of political unrest and economic depression, people often turn to musical expression to voice their anger, or simply for a distraction from the turmoil that floods the airwaves, piling worse news on top of bad news. Portland singer and multi-instrumentalist Pilar French feels the same weight, and on her just-finished record, “Deliver,” the musician faces turmoil with a different kind of weapon: optimism.”

“This is about as far from shallow pop as it gets, and thank God for that.”

“She may have accidentally created an album about perseverance, but French herself knows firsthand what that means. “Alive” is a solid, confident affair and we’re the lucky recipients of her will to endure and grow.”

"the Portland singer-songwriter has been busy on both sides of the hyphen. ... French’s “Higher Ground,” a duet with Justin Jude, is a bouncy, would-be radio-ready pop song and the highlight of the album released tonight.

Jeff Rosenberg - Willamette Week

“French's "voice is old-fashioned, but it's not quirky like Nellie McKay, it's a "better than anyone you know" voice in a tight style that sticks to the classic delivery of say, Bonnie Rait and many others. Because her voice is a little superior, and of another era, her popularity should rise."”

“The Deli Magazine selects Pilar French Intention as Band of the Month!”