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October 29 was when Peter(PiiErRe PeTeRsZ)Berens was born, from the day his presence was known, he has always wanted to be on top. Piierre was always fond of music and being a part of something of importance. From his first step to his graduation day, Piierre always strived to complete all task given to him, even if the process took a bit of time.

Piierre and music was a match made in heaven, he’s always wanted to be part of the music world since he knew what music was. Every time someone local made it big in music, he always dreamt that someday that he will be there too. Watching people around get there chance at stardom always made him work harder to get there, Pierre took chances and sometimes came out positive and they’re times that came up negative. All negative he gathered, he used it towards strengthen his pride.

The type of music Piierre was always into was Euro Dance music, A Sound That was Big in the 90's; this became an interest to him after watching a show on Much Music called "Electric Circus" a show that showcased alot of artists from the euro dance music community. Pierre loved the show that he never missed an airing, until one day the show was taken off the air. This was a time when Piierre felt like giving up, but then one day grew out of that feeling and finally found a way to make music and now his music is online, Piierre has not performed just yet but will in the near future, but he will always live and love life no matter what.

Piierre music at this time is Electronic/techno music and hope you all like!

XOXOX Peace!

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PiiErRe PeTeRsZ
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