Pigs on the Wing - Pink Floyd Tribute / Press

"...it’s no stretch whatsoever to imagine that this lineup, which also features bassist Eric Welder and second guitarist David Lindenbaum would feel right at home in the Pink Floyd catalog, with an emphasis on the group’s monumental ’70s output"......Yet even as they inhabit the flesh of another, they’re bringing something of themselves to performance. “I feel that even Floyd in the ’70s wouldn’t have sounded entirely like their recordings,” Baker said. “They took liberties; they let it feel natural for them.That’s our take on it. We have our own style, as well as our own other influences. Instead of setting those aside, why not see w

"... Lone guitarist Jason Baker fills out the guitar sound in a way that is both unique and faithful to the rock idols, a daunting task for even the most skilled of musicians, while Carey, Jones and Rieve carry the flow of their esteem for rhythmic surges in tempo and movement. Tribute bands of this quality are few and far between, so fans should be sure to mark their calendars for this event...."

Boise State Arbiter

"A high-energy Portland-based Pink Floyd tribute band, whose goal is simply to share the experience of their favorite music with fellow fans in an intimate rock show environment." -- The Oregonian, 09.21.07

The Oregonian

"...Pigs on the Wing: The NW answer to the question, "Why aren't there any good Pink Floyd tribute bands around?..." -- Boise Weekly, 08.01.07

Boise Weekly