Pigeons Playing Ping Pong / Press

“These guys played like they were shutting down an arena, not as though they were just rocking out NOLA. With a high energy, fun and interactive performance these guys rocked the audience as hard as any big draw. From fun reliable covers to absolutely phenomenal originals, the band played two awesome sets to a packed house. I have to admit that even though I envied my friends for getting to see Umphreys, Moe, or Yonder Mountain String Band that weekend, I had as much fun with the Pigeons as I have had seeing any of those guys. As I have said before and I know I will say again “It’s all about the emotion and passion a band puts forth, and the Pigeons put it all out there for the world to see, hear and love.””

“Another band from not too far away in Baltimore was Pigeons Playing Ping Pong who played with a ton of energy and covered all kinds of different styles. Some diehard deadheads may consider it sacrilegious, but they played Grateful Dead’s “Help on the Way” into what sounded to me like a Phish jam, but I couldn’t say which one, and just possibly, (maybe I was just a little out there by this point in the morning) a little Lotus jam. I can say for sure they got pretty dang funky with their Funkytown>Brick House jam. This is a band to definitely keep your eyes on.”

“Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. You could try to say it, but you’re better off just dancing five times fast when it comes to this electrofunk outfit from Baltimore. Growing its own cult around high-energy music, goofy stage antics, and all around good vibes, the Pigeons even have an official following: The Flock, which carries on the Deadhead tradition of making each show its own little party.”

C-Ville Weekly

“The hilariously-titled Pigeons Playing Ping Pong are a righteous funk band, blending together psychedelic, relaxed soundscapes with moments of bombastic, pompous groove that even dabbles with elements of jazz. You will jam, you will dance and you will definitely chill; a point exemplified by a previous trip to 123 by the band. "Pigeons Playing Ping Pong really took a sold out Fletcher’s Grove crowd at 123 Pleasant Street by surprise last semester," Payne said. "This band has established a solid foundation in Morgantown, and that has earned them a return headline spot on Sept. 20 as well." If there was a single word to sum up the band’s music it would simply be fun. The group has recently been gaining momentum in the music world, recently landing several high profile festival spots. Go and see these pigeons before they leave the local-circuit barn for good.”

“Thursday night they proved that they know how to put on a show. With a set beginning at 10 and playing until close, Pigeons had most of Looneys on the dance floor by 11. Pigeons brought the funk all night, debuting a new song and playing old originals “Time to Ride,” “Upfunk,” “Zydeco,” “Landing,” and “f.u.n.k.””

“Good music started early on Saturday with up-and-coming Baltimore jammers Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. Pigeons played one of the strongest daytime sets of the weekend, riling people from their campsites with originals as well as some greatly chosen covers like “Psycho Killer” (probably the best version heard of the weekend) and the Ghostbusters theme song.”

“Pigeons Playing Ping Pong is the hottest funk-rock quartet to come out of College Park, MD, since, well, ever. Influenced by everyone from Phish to Disco Biscuits to The Beatles, PPPP will make you groove to their wildly infectious sound. Greg Ormont strongly leads this talented funktet by throwing down vocals and beautifully synchronized rhythm guitar licks all while Jeremy Schon, the lead guitarist, melts faces with his clean, complex solos. Forming the rhythm section is Ben Carrey, one of the great bassists this author has jammed with, along with drummer Dan Schwartz, who seemlessly melds metronomatic timing with groovy beats...Check them out if you know what's good for you!”

“They have grown a reputation as a band that always dresses crazy and has more fun then anyone else in the room. One of my favorite things about this band is their ability to transition from song to song without taking a break in between. ... These four men are humble music lovers that will never sell themselves short, or half-ass any performance. Aside from the outlandish decorations and their precise use of lasers, they are always keeping fans on their toes.”

“It was a Wednesday in late July and the crowd of 200 plus Baltimoreans began to push towards the stage claiming key spots along the rail. They had all come to The 8x10, a venue renowned for helping young, talented musicians develop their sound and presence, to see what everyone had already started calling “Baltimore’s next big band.””

“Bands Funk Punch and Pigeons Playing Ping Pong were the epitome of the Party Rock genre, bringing forth sets that were full on funk and high energy. These are two extremely talented bands to keep your eye on.”

"By the time Pigeons hit the stage, the sun was down and the party was heating up. Whereas most in attendance were lying down in the grass taking in the jams all afternoon, Pigeons got the crowd up and moving."

"Pigeons aren’t a typical college band. Their display of skill at each show continually surprises me...their motivation and love of music is what makes their music special; not just danceable, but memorable."