Pieter Cloete / Press

“I worked at an auditing company for a year, then joined the railways for a few years, then Sanlam for 23 years and now I am in real estate," Pieter said. He lived in Bloemfontein from 1976 until 2000, and moved to Germiston in 2001. "I actually stopped singing for about 10 years, but I found I was missing it too much," he said. "I love to sing, so about four years ago I started again." Pieter sings at many old age homes to brighten up the days of the oldies and he enjoys being involved in fund-raising projects. "I like to walk among the audience and sing directly to people, I feel it touches them," he said. Both the new CD and his previous release, "Ken ons en Ander" (a mix of English and Afrikaans tunes), were self-funded by the energetic singer.”

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