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“Great tracks Pierre, I love "Quiet Place"!! Dec 22”

Alvin Smith - Great Tracks

“Pierre...Terrific tracks…Continue to make great music...Much success on REVERBNATION and beyond”

"Runaway",which fits into the Country-Rock genre,received 357 000 votes on Pirate Radio,Florida,USA's Music Treasure Hunt,and has been entered into the 2011 Rock Star Contest:) http://www.pirateradioofthetreasurecoast.com/MusicTreasureHunt.html

“:I love the lyrics to your songs!! inspiring tracks!!”

“It’s hard to stay away when it sounds so good. Terrific tracks…All the best, always, in your musical pursuits….Pat B in NYC Aug 30”

“Hi Pierre, Outstanding vocals and guitars on "Slow Train"!! Very cool mood my friends! peace,john N”

“Brian from randrworld.com says: Hey Pierre, really digging Slow Train! Good stuff man, and you are on the R&R World podcast this week! Take care”

“Congratulations to the 2011 Pirate Radio Best New Artist from the RockStar contest - Pierre Opperman and his pop/folk song "Runaway". Congratulations! Pierre is from Knysna, South Africa.”

“ Pierre Opperman is a Knysna resident, and thus better placed than most to take advantage of Howard Butcher’s increasingly popular Peace Of Eden recording set-up (which has hosted Nibs van der Spuy, Guy Buttery, John Ellis and Andrew James, among others, for recent albums). 24 July 2012 | BRUCE DENNILL 6/10 PIERRE OPPERMAN – DIARY (INDEPENDENT) Opperman is not in that exalted league in musicality terms, but he has a simple, classic songwriting style that recalls many popular icons of the past, from Chris Rea and Mark Knopfler to America. His arrangements are mostly built around an acoustic guitar, with various friends and colleagues (including Wendy Oldfield on vocals on the soothing If You Believe) filling in the gaps. Although he’s not situated in a world musical hotspot either geographically or stylistically, Opperman has had an impact abroad, with gentle ballad Runaway winning the “Music Treasure Hunt” award on US radio station Pirate Radio, a competition that has p”

“Pierre Opperman is one of the most passionate and determined individuals to ever have a go at the South African music scene. No love or money could deter this man from immersing himself into the depths of the independent music networks, which has paid off in many respects. Having won a number of online categories for ‘album of the month’ and more, Pierre has proved his popularity over and over again to fans in his target market. With a catchy dance track ‘Desert Light’ that breaks away from his other more folky numbers, Pierre has shown a flair for skilful contemporary songwriting that is bound to take him far.”

“Knysna's Musical Ghost: KNYSNA NEWS - Unless one socialises with the intimate crowd of local talent, chances are that one will not know who Pierre Opperman (50) is - that's why he is sometimes referred to as Knysna's musical ghost. Opperman's husky voice has been compared to the likes of Chris Rea, Cat Stevens and David Grey, making him fall comfortably in the genres of Acoustic Folk, Electronic and Blues.”

“Local muso, Pierre Opperman, and Knysna FM DJ, Wayne Greenstone, contemplated the seasons and made this calming song.”

“Come Alive" has reached the #1 spot on the Top 40 Song Vault Auditions.”

“You Made The Battle of the bands top 50”

“Love your tracks. Great feel and excellent vocals. The lyrics and music flow so well. Really enjoyed spending some time here with your music. peace, Joy Aug 12”

“My recent #1 - 500 on the Hot Blues Artist feature was fantastic:)))))”

“Congratulations on being in the top ten on today's ReverbNation Hot Blues Chart. When you have a chance, please visit our page and listen to what we are up to here in Santa Fe.”