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“Edens is a gritty troubadour who takes what he needs from each style, blending and bending it to suit the needs of his songs.” “The mysterious and ominous strains of “Jailhouse” that kick off the show display all of Edens' best qualities: raspy, hoary vocals coupled with muscular backing that has all the power of rock 'n' roll while hewing mostly to the Americana side of the tracks.” “The careening, high-speed romp of “Pretty” is reminiscent of Elvis Presley's “Mystery Train” by way of Johnny Cash, imbued with the smoky barroom aesthetic of Tom Waits.”

“Last Saturday afternoon at the Sewee Outpost, it took a band with more roots in rock than bluegrass to get folks on their feet, but once the crowd stood up for Asheville's Pierce Edens and the Dirty Work, they never returned to their seats. Edens and his trio delivered one of the weekend's marquee performances, taking advantage of their prime 6 p.m. time slot as the singer/guitarist snarled his way through an upbeat set with his signature rumbling voice.”

“Recieptiant of North Carolina Artist Grant for 2009 Album Long Days Above Ground”

North Carolina Artist Foundation

“This gravelly-voiced Asheville songwriter sings like Tom Waits after a night of drinking. Add a spoonful of passion and a shot of wit and it's a solid winner.”

Stratton Lawerence - Charleston City Paper - Best Albums of 2009

“Gritty, visceral and about as subtle as a flamethrower duel at a gas station, Pierce Edens and the Dirty Work is handily one of the defining bands in the current Asheville music scene. It would be easy to view Edens and company as a band to scuff your boots to, but if you listen a bit more closely, it quickly becomes evident that Edens is also a truly gifted songwriter.”

Listening Party - Mountain XPress

“Relating stories of hard living—and even harder learning—with uncommon ease and a gravel-chewing voice, it’s easy to compare Edens to the likes of Waits. But there’s a cool, uptown vibe to Edens’ songs as well. In fact, there’s even a little sentimentality to his work. But don’t get the idea that Edens and company are just a bunch of hard-luck softies—there’s some genuine grit in their songs and a fire in their performances. ”

“Long Days Above Ground showcases Edens as many characters- the loveable loser, the lonely lush and the warmed over lothario- but the most compelling character of all is Edens himself. The songwriting is strong and bleeds from style to style and genre to genre without missing a beat, all while leaning on the tight playing of The Dirty Work. There’s not a bad track on the album, and Edens never ceases to be an affable and engaging singer- he’s talented as hell”

Jason Bugg - FuzzTone Zine

"Best of WNC 2011"

Mountain Xpress

“Pierce Edens and the Dirty Work had the Pub rockin’… playing a mix of fan favorites, old standards, and some new tunes...People were dancing, movin’ and groovin’ all over the pub. Pierce has such a unique delivery with his vocals, you get the sense that it comes from his soul.”

"Best of WNC 2010"

Mountain Xpress

"Long Days Above Ground" Voted Top 20 New Releases by WNCW

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"Gravel voiced phoenix rises from Asheville"

David Cowling - Americana UK

“Best of WNC 2009”

“Despite what his singing voice suggests, Pierce Edens does not chew on gravel, swallow sandpaper or have a small bass resonator lodged somewhere deep inside his chest. For years, the local songwriter says he tried to "sweeten up" his voice. Thankfully it resisted, because [his] screams sound like the wise product of a thousand years' worth of wars and loves gone wrong, as if he just woke up from a life of hard drinking and is now ready to tell his tale.”

Jake Frankel - Mountain Xpress

“Edens has the voice of a seasoned musician - a man with tales to tell and someone whose stories you would want to hear. In a world where it is hard to distinguish certain vocalists from one another, Edens' voice certainly cannot be said to blend in with the others...There is a gem in Asheville, North Carolina, and it's ready to be discovered.”

“Best of WNC 2008"”

"Best of WNC 2007"