Picture Ann / Press

“The Danish outfit Picture Ann is back once again with a new release. ‘Mountains, Myth, And Murder’ sees the black/ambient act trying to implement more variation in the songs and motifs. While earlier efforts were severely lacking in this departement, Picture Ann is at least developing here. This however does not mean that ‘Mountains, Myth, And Murder’ is a masterpiece. The music still is quite boring and the atmosphere created simply isn’t compelling. Something an ambient black metal at the very least should accomplish. ‘Mountains, Myth, And Murder’ is Picture Ann’s best album so far, but that really doesn’t mean much.”

“Picture Ann creates an album that is very diverse, atmospheric and experimental sounding while also mixing in elements of black and progressive metal which also makes the whole recording sound very original, the production sounds for dark while the song themes focus around the German expedition to Tibet in 1938, the writings of Edgar Allan Poe, and the Royal Conspiracy Theories dealing with Jack The Ripper. In my opinion this is another great sounding recording from Picture Ann and if you are a fan of experimental metal, you should check out this album.”

“Picture Ann is a strange band compared to the normal music I review on Temple of Darkness. It is a unique and strangely unsettling mix of dark ambient with doom metal and black metal influences. Their latest album, A Bone Case for Papery Skin is an instrumental journey through one's mind, exploring the deepest and darkest thoughts within ones' self.”

“The first song, “Insurgents in Vienna”, is little more than what sounds like distorted blowing wind, a single minor synth chord and repeated cut-and-paste editing work to ensure a true numbing feel. It’s rather demented and does a good job in putting the listener in a serious funk. It’s downtrodden, free of mirth and glee and with the musical feel of dark, cloud-ridden skies above a decaying urban environment. Very David Lynch-like and not too far removed from what I sat through in “Cinema Screen Sadism”, but with more of a legit ambient vibe versus psychedelic freakout progginess. That, of course, came into play with the “rough mix” of the second track, “Anna Liked Dying Places” (...) As far as that goes, it’s not too bad. I just wish I knew what it is that PICTURE ANN wants with me or the listening public…and why must it be so self-loathing? Hmm…”

“TRIARCHY is a three way split release between the bands PICTURE ANN, SAGNTID & VORNOFF. The bands are all different musical projects from the artist J.N. The tracks on this release are all unreleased material from those projects... I really like what J.N. does with his projects and it is nice to see someone with a lot of talent doing something different. If you have never heard any of his projects over the years then you must get this killer album that shows some of the great work he has created!”

“Rett på sak. Dette er riktignok ambient i det hele og store, og lite black metal slik jeg ser det. Uansett fengslende, og mørk stemning som så absolutt skal prøves på mørke stier i høstens forråtnelse. I rett sammensetning -så funker skiva bra -får se om det kommer en utgivelse til etterhvert som kan spe på litt kjøtt på beinet.”

“This compilation perfectly reflects what makes each one of these projects unique, for those who have followed the prolific career of Svest all these years, this album seems to be an interesting register as well, where you can easily appreciate and contrast each one of these projects’ characteristics, allowing you to get even deeper into the obscure and hypnotically beauty of these different approaches to Dark Ambient… Overall “Triarchy” is an interesting album, recommended to everyone into the most mysterious and obscure side of Ambient music, call it Dark, Black or whatever you like, those who wants to listen an extensive sample of each one of this projects will find at this album a remarkable experience, but I would special recommend this album to those who have listened and enjoyed the music of Svest during these more than ten years of career, this album will not disappoint you.”

“This 'Triarchy' is a three-way split by Picture Ann, Sagntid and Vornoff. All of these bands basically consist of one and the same man and do not differ much in style. It all is basically electronic ambient music with some electric guitars popping up sporadically, For all outfits the musical ingredients are rather the same: spacey synths conjure slow - and quite frankly - boring motives that are extensively repeated and things are embellished by acoustic or electric guitars. Hardly any rhythm is present and ones mind wanders off very quickly. Sleep inducing, uninteresting and not very creative.”

“This is definitely a case of musical post-surrealism art. There’s guitar work here, repetitive chord progressions that numb the senses while lilty, psychedelic synth work swallows you like a warm wave of water. Occasionally the main guy whispers some kinda film noir rhetoric over everything else. I can envision a shadowy head whispering those sweet nothings before slowly exhaling a lungful of cigarette smoke, maybe tipping his 1930s era hat before departing. There’s minimal percussion, buried so low in the mix you almost can’t hear it sometimes. It’s not really cluttered, but rather all over the place all throughout. This is some really, REALLY trippy shit.”

“Here we have 'Blaspheme 2009' by the Danish group Picture Ann. Picture Ann plays ambient black metal. So we get slow repetitive simple riffs, background synths, some piano and hardly any vocals. The is a clear Burzum influence present in the music, which is quite to be expected in this genre. Some of the songs have nice immersive atmosphere, but often Casio-like synths ruin the potential of the music by being distracting. Also the lack of rhythmic instrumentation and vocals don't help in keeping your attention. Some good ideas are shown by Picture Ann but as a whole this is not quite good enough to convince.”

““Cinema Screen Sadism” is clocked at just eight minutes, a very short sample of this project’s proposal that definitely leave you asking for more, with this project, combining different elements of diverse styles of Ambient and Metal, Svest have created another magnificent form of expression, as with every band of him the music of Picture Ann is very original and quite unclassifiable, an introspective piece of sonic art that will certainly delight everyone into the otherworldly sound of Sagntid or any of Svest’s projects…”

“Overall, we quite enjoyed “Cinema Screen Sadism”. The two songs presented here show very solid craftsmanship and create a very creepy atmosphere that traps the listener. If you like creepy music that is well constructed and executed, look no further and check out Picture Ann’s creations over at ‘their’ website. ”

“If you want to enjoy some home-made atmospheres with a warm, airy and fuzzy soundscape, this ("Blaspheme 2009") CD is a good pick.”

“PICTURE ANN is a one man solo project from J.N. who also plays in SAGNTID. This is music he has done that does not fit in with the style of music that his other band plays. The music here is done in an Ambient Black Metal style. The music is very dark and dreary sounding through out and at times has a gloomy almost funeral Metal like sound. There is a strong balance between the dark and beautiful in the music. It reminds me of the Vampire version of music. There is something that draws you in that is attractive and appealing, but is also dark, evil and scary at the same time. The vocals are done in a lower toned voice and are almost a Gothic spoken word style. This is some very killer stuff that will appeal to fans of Doom / Black & Gothic Metal fans. I believe that J.N. has done all the instruments, vocals, lyrics and arrangements himself. Check this cool mini E.P. out!”

“The music on this project is stuff he has created intuitively and on the spur of the moment. The music doesn't fit any of his other projects at all. This music has a very dark and dreary feel to it and is done in a Black Metal mixed with Gothic Metal style. The passages are a bit creepy at times and would best fit as the soundtrack for many of Horror films, especially the HAMMER FILMS of the seventies. There are some vocals on here as well that are done in a spoken word style with a graspy Black Metal vibe. This is a killer project that is nice to listen to when I want something other than blasting spastic Death or Black Metal. You can tell that J.N. is influenced by BURZUM, from listening to some of these songs. Give this a spin and find yourself falling into the dark trance that the music brings on.”

“Interesting stuff, not for everybody.”