PHZ-Sicks / Press

“The crowd was up on their feet, and Phz-Sick's continued to kill his performance. As a warning for next time, because there will be many next times, do not be fooled by his unassuming demeanor”

“One of my favorite DMV artists, PHZ-Sicks blew the spot up with his set. He showcased his rap ability in a fast flow featured in “Real with It,” which he stated was one of his older songs. His current mixtape, dubbed “The Feature Presentation” is a MUST listen.”

“About "Less Than Zero": I've only heard a few tracks from you but I'm excited, you're one to watch”

IDopeBoy - iDopeBoyOnline

“When it comes to special attractions, you can take PHZ-Sicks and add him to your list.”

“The amigo Phz-Sicks comes through with his debut mixtape “The Feature Presentation”, which is miles ahead of a ton of the independent mixtapes I get sent.”

“He's making his mark in his hometown of the DMV and making his mark in other major markets. Stay Tuned!”