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“This young Atlanta couple amassed a huge following of their breakout YouTube series “Boyz Next Door.” With “Boyz” tackling lifestyle events around the modern Black gay male, they utilize that platform to promote the awareness of the state of Georgia’s refusal to legalize same-sex marriages. Their public profile has engaged thousands of fans into taking note of their theme song “I Love Him,” which has become an instant viral hit.”

G List Society

“Music newcomer & openly gay performing artist Phylle wowed the crowd with a few music numBErs, while guests mixed and mingled with fellow gentleman & few BEautiful women.”

BE Magazine

“LGBT and Civil Rights activist Darnell Moore received the Gentlemen of The Year. Larry “Phylle” Carter delivered an electrifying performance.”

Pride Index

“What is it about certain male vocalists? Phylle (pronounced Philly) is that breed of crooner who will surely let it be known that it's pure talent. His effortless delivery on tracks like 'Makin Love' & his album's title track 'The One,' is sure to catch the ear of any music lover. ”