Phunklore (Ripe Records) / Press

“It’s a double whammy when an Irish producer comes along and remixes one of the most talked about Irish Bands at the moment. Royseven’s new track We Should Be Lovers is currently one of the most played songs on Irish Radio, and DJ/Producer Phunklore has taken that track to a new level, with his remix.”

“Remember when you used to spend your nights dancing non-stop for six hours, instead of standing about in a pair of ludicrously skinny jeans, desperately posturing, pouting and feeling envious of some other skinned jeaned twunt’s hair-cut, while the circulation to the lower half of your body ceases!? Well, if you want the hedonism of techno back, it seems that if one man can do it, Richie McCann, er, can!! Phunklore (McCann) has been gaining some serious kudos for delicious techno mash-ups that will get any cocky electro-kid sweating. Connected caught up with Phunklore to get the nitty gritty on quirkily-named-tracks, why Dublin clubs should take a leaf out of Belgium’s book (taxis and breakfast, please!), online radio, why an ‘f’ is better than a ‘ph’ and of course, the techno-takeover!!”

Niamh Doolan - Connected