“A new Must-hear is "We Uz 2 Luv" (Dedicated to the many faces of love) is a strongly musical, eclectic and well crafted sophomore effort from R&B and Spoken Word Artist Phruishun. With tracks ranging from R&B, Classic R&B, Hip Hop, Modern Jazz, Gospel, Smooth Jazz and Rock, the project offers something for nearly every musical pallet, while staying true to the high musical standards and focus on lyricism Phruishun (aka Tony Spires) for which he is known. Featured guests on the session include: His son rapper King Pimpin, His brother guitarist Marvin Spires, His artist vocalist Marla B., vocalist Melvin Wafer, Comedienne/rapper Kanisha Buss, trumpeter David Decuir, guitarist Phase X and saxophonist Ric Alexander.”

“Stay tuned for the digital release of Phruishun's fiery debut CD "Paradigm Shift!"”

The Vision Report