Phreewil / Press

“Sediment Phreewil & Suttikeeree A breath of fresh air has been pumped into the lifeless carcass of Hip Hop in the form ofSediment, the new EP from producer Suttikeeree and lyricist Phreewil. Combining a unique blend of new-age philosophy and boom-bap energy, Sediment is a psychedelic journey through plush rhyme schemes and mind-bending sonic goodies. Suttikeeree and Phreewil, Seattle natives and co-founders of the Mind Movers Crew, have delivered a special edition release of the EP with bonus tracks and remixes.”

“This remix contest is special, cuz I'm providing all the prizes and promoting it. DIY right? This is a track off my upcoming album "Role Player" , coming on 4/20 , exclusive to phreewil.com”

“ Love is the way right? It's the proverbial force and the screaming whisper of the eternal...yeah...uh huh. For 3 days, I locked myself away from the light and splendor of the loving world, in order to transmutate my version of it -- into a musical expression. The LOVE EP is a fully continual jam of love nods and swing -- dedicated to my Lover Monique and, subsequently -- the world abroad. Normally I'm anti- holiday...or at least the ones that are really just economic steroids for retail vampires. But this year, my heart is warm and I want to share that feeling. I was at Onekahakaha beach 4 days ago, and wrote the word Love, in the sand. Then I took a picture of it. Then, I went home and spent the next 3 days making the sounds I heard as I stared at the word. Honest. That's how it happened. This is an album to be shared, with a loved one, and with love. Aloha Ya'll. http://www.kshtradio.com/producers-spotlight/ p.s. -- As u can see, the EP is free here on soundcloud. If u enjoy”

“Just Released This Morning with Care Package -- art layout by Open Hands -- beats by Phreewil -- mixing and mastering by Sean Suitikeeree Thanx for all the love and support. Hope u enjoy the music. Next week I'm releasing "Stricktly 4 my Genomes" -- a full length instrumental album on : www.phreewil.com -- stay tuned....(I have a special mixtape coming as well on Jan 25th -- my bday!) One Love ya'll -- Phree”