Phonic Submission / Press

“Flowers for Breakfast...sophisticated music, nice atmosphere...got it !”


“Your stuff is filled with huge and inspiring sound. Great alternative work friend. Best luck in 2011. A&P, I&SON”


“Wow Phonic Sub - your music is right up my street, i love the ambient style here - i cant pick a favorite its just too difficult there all incredible matey!”


“First of all: I like this kind of music, it´s something between Les Claypool (Primus), Brian Eno & your own fingerprint in a soundtrack form.”

Pyjama Devil

“Loving what I am hearing here. "Particles" creates such an aura and is gorgeous and very appealing. Lots of creative expression and beauty that builds with high intrigue! Big Love and Best Wishes Always!”


“Outstanding painting of sound colors and emotions in your music!!!”

John Revitte

“I listened to "Love Has Many Shapes". I'm glad we could inspire something. Wow, you have an amazing control on the "experimental" I'm not sure I could write something that far away from cookie-cutter pop.”

Laurier Tiernan

“Organized chaos! Very theatrical sound. Just plain fun to listen to. Cheers, sir. You keep up the good work. - Snead - Sleep Siren”

Snead - Sleep Siren