Phoenix Down / Press

“Phoenix Down have all the right musical chops to take them places. They’ve played in support of plenty well known bands so we hope they find their place in the new prog landscape. Fans of bands such as Crucible, Arena, Hands or Rush will find much to enjoy here. The Cycle of Strife shows great promise both in terms of composition but also in terms of performance skill. Well worth investigating.”

“The guitar solo on "The Tie That Binds" is really good...If you need a keyboard player for your CD let me know!”

Ryo Okumoto - Spock's Beard

“This track(The Cycle Of Strife) has quickly moved up the list of “epics to end all epics”, in my humble opinion. “Nightfall”, a beautifully crafted instrumental piece opens up the second half of the album. (About the song Truth)Part ballad, part scorcher, this song is a surefire modern day prog classic. (after listening to Client)Listening to the performance I have to wonder how these guys aren’t better known in the progressive rock circuits. “For You”, right off the bat, reminds me of “Signals” era Rush. I love the way the vocals mix with the instrumentation, and the guitar work rivals anything that Lifeson had been doing in the 80’s. And as with every other song on this amazing disc, the vocals are brilliant “This Is Me” is definitely an amazing tune...In fact, I think they picked the perfect song to end this musical journey”

“Wow, You guys are like the Non-Canadian Steroided up version of RUSH!!”

Chris Jericho(Fozzy/Professional Wrestler/Actor)

“This is some Really cool stuff...The Cycle Of Strife is absolutely massive...If you dig RUSH, King's X or some of the heavier prog you'll definitely love Phoenix Down”

Alan Morse(Spock's Beard)

“You can hear these guys up on stage with the greats...I've been a huge fan of theirs since I first heard them...I rank Phil Berger among my favorite guitar players, he's in the top five along with Satriani/Slash/Eric Johnson and Jimi Hendrix..can't say enough about this band”

Lucey Knight(In Your Face Radio Host/Author/Music Reviewer)