Phoenix Benjamin / Press

“Speaking as a Director, Actor & Artist, Phoenix Benjamin ROCKS! The energy, the vibe, everything he does...He knows what you want & he delivers! He knows what to do when to do it when he takes the stage! Cool cat to work with"”

Kevin Costner - Director, Actor, Producer, Artist

“Phoenix Benjamin is brighter than a shooting star he cannot be held down and never go away. Often imitated but never duplicated. A real southern boy with style. His writing & music touch deep. Phoenix is real, loaded with amazing talent that seeks to better life. Phoenix is one to be taken serious. He is a MASTER at everything he is and does! Great things are to come! Get ready!”

- David Carradine - Actor, Artist, Musician,

"Phoenix Benjamin is a rare breed of artist who truly create and share of themselves with there audience. whether he's designing a new 9 string guitar or rocking the crowd at Saturday Night Spectacular or Leather & Laces Superbowl Events, he seems to do it with ease and brings a level of professionalism to his game that sets him a cut above just another talented Artist. Phoenix is a man set for great things to come...."

Jay Tavare - Actor, Artist, Producer

“When I was very new to Hollywood and in need of a friend, I was fortunate enough to experience the unique blessing of a true original-Phoenix Benjamin. Within a very short time we covered much ground, played music, shot a short film, traveled to and fro, and enjoyed the people and events placed before us. Phoenix puts an extra heavy measure of himself into the many talents he's been given, and you feel that you're watching and enjoying a person who truly walks a singular path.”

Joseph Aviel (The Zombinator) Producer-Actor-Artist