Phoebe Blume / Press

“Singer-songwriter Phoebe Blume offers an eerily breathtaking setting — much like this winter itself — in her dark and moody oeuvre.”

“Phoebe Blume is indeed a modern woman. With the release of her CD "Into Your Fold" she proves that love and heartbreak are intertwined. With this CD one gets the sense that she has lived what she sings. She is a true artist and one who is in total control of her songwriting craft. Phoebe has a strong understanding of relationships and the complications that enter the fold. Phoebe captures the pain of love and loss but reminds us that there is always hope. Phoebe delivers a fresh sound that music enthusiasts who enjoy the raw storytelling genre of, Janis Joplin, Connie Converse and Joss Stone, will find fresh and captivating.”

Liam Sullivan Author of "Making the Scene Nashville" A Hal Leonard Publication

“With many different styles and genres mixing around in her album Homing Beasts, it would be hard to classify her as one type of music. In a way she has created her own genre; there is a song for everyone to like.”