Phil Wallace / Press

“Phil is the most underrated, understated, musical song writing genius of his time. Phil lives and breathes for his dedication to live music. His songs are packed full of soul moving, heart felt, lyrics and his shows are always sure to entertain.”

"I am so moved by Phil Wallace's music...wow...how hauntingly beautiful and his songs just reach into your soul! The emotions and passion just come through each song...I bow to you, Phil! Bravo!!!"

Sherryjane Cooke - Country Music Reviewer

“y’all are in for a treat! Sounding like young George Thorogood meets Everlast at a folk festival; his acoustic numbers are a testament to his truly unique talent. “Alone on Bourbon Street” a somber tune about the Katrina tragedy finds his raspy drawl over a slinky, blues-rock, acoustic riff and the result is a dirty (in a very good way), lo-fi gem of a song!”


“What can you say about Phil? A riddle wrapped in a mystery wrapped in an enigma? Well that’s a good starting point.”

Dana Deathrage - texasmusicunderground.com

“Well thank God for Phil Wallace because his music is nothing but bone scrapping real. You won’t find any sissy music on Phil’s albums; you won’t find him pandering to the “Texas Music Promotion Machine”. Quite the opposite I would say, which makes him a modern day throw back, a true Texas Outlaw in the making.”