Phil Ranelin / Press

“It was especially fascinating to hear Mr. Ranelin, a player whose name is associated with ’70s soul-jazz and free jazz, because he’s such a disciplined player in the hard-bop mold. His solos used long, warbling tones, then changed into stiff percussive blasts and smart melodic lines.”

Ben Ratliff - NEW YORK TIMES

“Ranelin's horn has a throaty, unruffled quality; his soloing is well manicured and economical.”

Herb Boyd - DOWN BEAT

“Ranelin’s group sounds as adventurous as any currently operating band. Although the music has a free spirit running though it, the musicians are obviously mindful of Ranelin’s compositions and direction. ”

Daniel Piotrowski - Signal To Noise

“Ranelin’s Tribe transcends nostalgia and unearths an important link in the chain of Great Black Music. Ranelin’s trombone is particularly distinctive.”

Mitch Myers - DOWN BEAT

“The sound of Ranelin’s band expands and contracts to fit the mode of each particular piece, with Ranelin’s melodic trombone setting the tone from the outset. Ranelin’s painterly way with arrangement foregrounds tonal color and uses melody or rhythm for shading. ”

Mark Richard-San - Pitchfork Media

"Trombonist Phil Ranelin leads a sizzling session , with each track pristinely crafted and focused .. The degree of Jazz Sprituality in Inspiration, brings us back into the emotional highs of past days...Inspiration takes us back to the intensity of the late 1960's"

Keiichi Konishi - Swing Journal

"Phil Ranelin was responsible for some of the deepest and funkiest jazz of the Seventies..this radical trombonist shows his inspiration is still alive whilst blowing as hard as he did when ' Vibes From The Tribe' first dropped back in 1975"

Andy Thomas - Straight No Chaser

"Freddies Groove" opens with a fat African Brass like ensemble sound.. Ranelin's articulate, swinging, solo offers us an ideal glimpse into the depth of musical experience & understanding that he brought to the creation and recording of Inspiration.--it is inspired."

Winthrop Bedford - Jazz Improv

"Ranelin's nonet combines saxophones, bass clarinet and on occasion, flutes, to create a rich horn section that blends beautifully with Ranelin's warm trombone. His Trombone playing has never been better,with adventurous ideas and a lush tone that is never brash"