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Philosopher's Stone / Press

“When Life Rafts Begin To Fail — which includes the music video for the ear-grabbing single “Paint” — is the band’s most consistent display of its slanted AltPop sound, which somehow manages to be hypnotically smooth and fluid, but also filled with constant curve balls. The band still utilizes space very well, something that makes them quite original, filtering in a stream of artsy, almost symphonic noise on “Quickly Slowly” without being jarring, for example, and inserting unexpected riffs throughout. Meanwhile, the variety of keyboard sounds (from Deep Purple grinding to New Wave twiddling) also adds to PStone’s sonic mystique. The group’s melodies are uniquely catchy, sticking with you as much for the phrasing and emotive way singer/guitarist Brad Denham delivers them as the notes used. Let’s hope it’s not another decade before the follow-up. ”