“I love his name and his music and your gonna love his sax! http://www.reverbnation.com/phillipsolomonstewart#!”

“Listening to Phillip Stewart's Never Would Have Made It on 96.1. #beautifullytouching”

“Mr. 'Saxophone Man', your accompaniment with the choir selections today was ah-mazing! As usual.”

“I just love to hear Phillip Stewart play. Hubba FB!”

“Got it! 'Like' it! Getting this album for my travel life. Do you suggest iTunes or ReverbNation, or does it even matter?”

“That's a great Album Phillip. I will be adding it to my travel collection. Keep putting out great music and keep me posted.”

“Awesome show last night. You all tore it down!”

“Palace Band live and on CD great either way!”

“Love the band. I saw u guys at the Talent show hosted by ur frat at Rickards. Wat yall know bout tht ole school lol”

“Awesome show last night. You all tore it down!”

“Enjoying the soulful sounds of Phillip Solomon Stewart and the Palace Band on this rainy evening. Great way to end Friday eve!”

“Sunrise rocked this morning. We're giving away a CD to the first two people who can correctly name one of the songs that Phillip Soloman Stewart played on our show today.”

“Sunrise rocks this morning with jazz artist Phillip Stewart. Stay tuned to find out how you can win one of his CD's.”

“Damn King P, you did again bruh. I love it, especially with the violin added......awwwwww man. And of course your a killer on the Sax as usual. In other words I'll be making my purchase later. It truly is, keep doing your thing bro. It's only a matter of time before the whole world knows who King P and The Palace Band is.”

“Vibin to this "Come Go With Me" love this song. You did that bruh, had to download "Crusin" too. That's just classic, keep doing ya thing homie!”

“Great performance!!”

“I enjoyed hearing my freshman brother, Phillip Solomon Stewart, at the Achievement Week Luncheon. Great job as always. Always makes me proud to call you my freshman brother ”

“Take five jazz with a reggae vibe swagg!!! First time I have heard something like this. Shout out to Phillip Solomon Stewart and the Palace!!!”

“Man, they 'WENT IN" tonight hot music! ! Loved it!”

“Yo Bruh, I just Heard some of ur Music on I Tunes... Boy U Jammin can't lie... I like that "cruising", "Close the doors",! I can't believe u put the "Freaking You" on there... Str8 Baby making Music! Im feelin that "yard", That Michael Jackson Mix is Crazy & to top it off, Joe Bullard Co-Signs the Jazz @ Amen-Ra & So Do I! #Official! Keep up the good work! I Support the Phillip Solomon Stewart & King P Project! Exclusive....”

“Congratulations on your upcoming performance at the Frenchtown Heritage Fest!”

“Support this Omega man!!”

“Dear FB friends. If you are so inclined, please take a few moments and vote for the band Phillip Solomon Stewart 'Kingp' at the link below. He is a great musician who gives a stellar performance. He and his band made turning 50 a blast!!! www.cocanet.org/americana”

“the show was great friday”

“Newly arriving passengers listen to the funky groove of saxophonist Phillip Solomon Stewart at Tallahassee Regional Airport on Friday. / Photos by Mike Ewen/Democrat”

“I felt like I was in Musicians' Heaven tonight vibin with Phillip Solomon Stewart &The Palace live band! I even won a free bottle of wine ;D...#I<3MUSIC — at Amen-Ra's Bookshop.”

“Check out the article in today's Tallahassee Democrat featuring Phillip and the Palace live at the airport. Congrats Phillip!!!”

“Lovin the vibe at Amen Ra courtesy of The Palace Band :D”

“Hey you did a fine job at the wedding this past weekend!”

“It was music to our ears on "In the Spotlight" today.”

“Great job on The Good Morning Show this morning! Keep up the good work!”

“Had a very relaxing night listening to Phillip Solomon Stewart 'Kingp', Phillip Solomon Stewart & The Palace live at amen-ra tonight!!!!!! Phil + the sax= awesome music :-)”

“The arrangements tend in the direction of mellow rather than holler. That isn't to say we're in Kenny G bland-out territory: the artist whose name kept coming back to my mind while listening was Grover Washington, Junior. If you want a laid-back approach to Gospel music and love the sax, this is for you.”

“First let me say great job! Very proud of you! You have all of my favs on this CD. It's well worth the 20 bucks!! Keep up the good work!”

KimD - iTunes

“My week in review: Monday night- city council meeting, Tuesday night- V State Experience, Wednesday night- Think Like a Man advanced screening, Thursday night- USCT meeting, Friday night- dinner and then enjoyed the musical stylings of Phillip Solomon Stewart 'Kingp' and the Palace Band. I didn't win King P Bingo, but it was still a good week!”

“Great show, King P! I'll definitely be back!”

“The happy birthday song sounds soooooooooo good when it's being played to you on a sax. Thanks Phillip Solomon Stewart 'Kingp' !!!!! That is a memory keeper!”

“The Show was GREAT!!!! I will definitely be back for some live jazz entertainment at Amen-Ra on Friday nights. Keep moving forward ur already a success!!”

“Crusin I really liked, because its something I could relax to no matter what mood I'm in. "On the Job" I love the talent that was put into the songs. The song I really love is body physique and uncle luke style. This would be some great albums to buy for many occasions. LOVING IT!!!”

“The progress of the evolution of Outkast proves potential for the ongoing struggle expressed through the musical medium. For some unknown reason the forces met and agreed, the youtube video seen from the original group ft. c-lo, rube, & erykh, followed by the Civil Rights video, then this performance gives a person an exceptional interpretation of this song. Go head Outkast. This performance knocks me out!”

“I had a great time tonight at Amen Ra's. Thanks to Phillip Solomon Stewart 'Kingp' and the Palace for always kicking my weekend off properly. Also thank you to Mr. Adam Jameson for hanging out with me. Now you've got the KingP bug. See you next Friday. :)”