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"If you think that and roll is strictly a young man’s game, artists such as Phillip Foxley quickly remind us that this is certainly not the case. The genre may try to sell an image of young firebrands wielding guitars like weapons and kicking at the conventions of society, but the reality is that youthful exuberance is quite quickly replaced with a whole different and more useful set of skills and it is these that allow you to actually stay in the game and have a career in music".

“New York City (6 September 2016) - The atmospherics cut right through the ambience on a brand-new mix CD titled “Camara” (out NOW on CD and digitally) and the songs are so uncommon they end up sounding a bit dissonant.”

“For this week’s interview, we have guitarist/songwriter/composer Phillip Foxley with us. Phillip’s Sound Cloud channel is alive and thriving with tons of listens and the comments crowd each one of his tracks.”

“Love Music recently interviewed an Famous Guitarist & Songwriter Phillip Foxley, from the UK”

“Phillip Foxley's guitar work has not mellowed with age; it has instead matured. His guitar work is at times subtle, and at other times full boar with what I can only describe as heart-stirring hooks and licks from a rusty old Strat.”

“Not every musician has the aim of being the main attraction standing at the center of the stage. There are tons of fantastic performers that provide the background soundtrack for the face in front of the music. After a while in the background a few of these artists have built up so much music inside them that they turn to putting it all out under their own name. Phillip Foxley is a good example of this.”

“Some really cool people from our site's early days making their way back to us now in 2015 in the background here...it's actually quite humbling, quite flattering and very cool to see people still hard at work and making the music they love. Here's one of them now - Phillip Foxley - Songwriter & Guitarist just put out a video-sampler in support of his album "I'll Try 'Till I Die" - come check it out!”

“10 Questions with UK Guitarist Phillip Foxley”

“The truth is, fans of different genres will find their ears enjoying the many sounds on this release, as Foxley has a way of bringing all the diverse influences together to make one unified terrific sound. “I’ll try ’till I die” is Phillip Foxley exploring the core artistry of his talent, and touching all the corners of his musical soul!”

"Firstly you can’t box “I’ll try ’till I die” into any genre, as the tracks on it spill over the most disparate musical boundaries. Foxley embraces all musical forms and chooses not to force himself into a category on this album. Each song is uniquely surprising in its own way as Phillip Foxley is able to bring out the best in his guest vocalists with his professional caliber and the heavenly chords of his magical guitar".

“– the album sampler is new – the album itself released in May of earlier this year. With a whole host of sounds to dig right into – what can I say other than I’m personally stoked to see this skillful player back in the studio .”

“Get your blues on. This is a fun and varied collection of tracks where no two are the same ensuring your attention is held throughout wondering what's coming next. Love the frenetic pace of the instrumental 'All Or Nothing' while the more stripped back tracks work well too. The occasional female vocal chiming in works great, as do the range of instruments used (The sax is on point!) The lyrics are honest and direct giving a real genuine vibe overall which is needed for this intimate sound.”

“Philip Foxley has some amazing sounds. A mixture of some gritty blues and good old-fashioned rock n roll really takes you back in time to when music was more authentic. His voice is super earthy and pretty easy on the ears. This is the kind of music that is chicken noodle soup for the soul. His mixture of different genres and elements is refreshing. If you’re into a modern twist on an old, classic rock sound you definitely want to check out some of his music off his debut EP “I’ll Try ‘Till I Die”.”

"Like many veteran guitarists, Foxley attributes the likes of Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Jimmy Page as influences in his life and music. These influences are riddled throughout ‘I’ll Try ‘Till I Die,’ from moody guest vocalists to stunning instrumental performances that exemplify Foxley’s mastery of his instrument".

“**BLUES AT IT'S FINEST** Phillip Foxley - Songwriter & Guitarist *Blues From The UK* Song - "TIME" - http://www.reverbnation.com/…/so…/18587574-time-instrumental If you really want to feel a guitar speak to you,listen to a musical wizard cast spells from his guitar or just enjoy the BEST BLUES the scene has to offer,then STOP WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING and listen to the track above !!!!!!!!”

“JUST IN! Awesome guitarist, solo artist interview by Phillip Foxley. Read about his first gig, his first guitar and more!”

"I want to talk about your song, “Demon Lover.” Yum yum, that is a sexy song with plenty of juicy blues riffs. Now just in case our listeners don’t know, this song is an instrumental, so Phillip how do you name a song without lyrics such as this song “Demon Lover?” It must be a feeling or something that comes over you, tell us… tell us".

“Time instrumental - amazing guitar , reminds me of my friend Alvin Lee !! just as good in my opinion !”

“Phillip Foxley – a Blues Rock artist from Conwy, North Wales, UK is featured by Calling All Gigs Magazine.”

“The video is actually very cool. He uses the concept of recording the song in a late-night session as the “theme” of the video. Not sure if he used a professional video company to do it but it came out extremely professional. It’s just plain cool. It’s a great way to present a song on video without getting into telling a whole story. It is an instrumental so I guess there’s not much of a story. But I do love the way he edits the video.”

“In our opinion, Foxley could be on stage gigging night after night channeling some of the deepest blue rock guitar gods. Knowing that a guitar player with this much skill and precision working on tracks to be used in the commercial world gives us hope for the entirety of the mainstream music industry.”

“Indie Artist Spotlight: Phillip Foxley”

“Manchester born song writer/guitarist Phillip Foxley is no stranger to the music scene, his passion started back in the 80′s. He has recently rekindled his love for it and has had a busy few years from updating his own home studio, to releasing his first demo EP in 2011.”

"If you’ve never heard of Phillip Foxley then you should seek out his music, turn up the volume and zone out. It reflects the maturity so loved and appreciated in the great blues players. His song collection has all the right stuff; edgy blues to classically styled rock tunes. It’s like listening to three generations of blues-rock on one album".

“What is so impressive about Phillip’s creativity on this demo EP is that he is able to play a wide range of diverse genres—punk, blues, rock, and electric blues. “All Or Nothing!” starts off with punk-like guitar riffs with some heavy metal percussion and a groovy bass line. This intense track shows that he can bring the noise and bring it very loud.”

“Once again – it was our absolute pleasure to interview Phillip Foxley – we won’t let him hide away any more – YOU don’t let it happen either!!!”

“'Time (Instrumental)' "We love the build and the arrangement of this track. Well-crafted blues". (April, 2012) ”

“Straight from the Heart - "The guitar player on this track, is a real live rock star!"”

“OnTheFly (Instrumental): "This guitar track just blows me away - Beautiful *****".”

“'Time (Instrumental)' "Wow, this is a really excellent track. Stevie Ray Vaughan meets Michael Schenkar meets Ritchie Blackmore".”

“Time (Instrumental) - " The guitar work would be quite breathtaking with proper production"”

“Time (Instrumental) - "Phillip Foxley is one of the best guitar players, I've heard in while!"”


“Promises - " The guitar work here is above and beyond!"”

“Promises' "Great writing. Almost has a Beatles feel. You are right on point with the writing. In order to submit this to the A&R, however, you’d need to have updated production. I’d recommend teaming up with a strong radio ready producer, and then trying again as you truly have a lot of potential"”

“Pictures - "If you are in need of a good song, you have to listen to this!"”

“ Pictures - "Nice song, I love the production and vocals as well"”

“Pictures - "Needs more professional demo and vocal. Has a retro maybe 80's? vibe to it which could be a cool thing if presented in the context of a pro demo ; great guitar solo in first part"!”