Phillie-G Tha Suave Gangsta / Press

“Phillie-G Tha Suave Gangsta - “Candyman Flow” Midwest rapper Phillie-G Tha Suave Gangsta's The Bootheel Horror Show Mixtape is twenty-four tracks that include short flows, longer tracks, and chopped-and-screwed mixes. "Candyman Flow" a good representation of what that release encompass - smooth rhyming, shout-outs to God, and references to haters, hustling and syrup. On the humorously-titled "Rock Star Flow (Gangsta Piss)," Phillie-G samples Aerosmith and makes references to the Civil War and gunplay.”

“I diggen the music bro. Keep doin ya thang and neva let another man or woman tell you different. KEEP PUSHIN!”