Phil Krawczuk / Press

“Excellent music! Such diversity of themes and rhythms! Great drumming and basslines! "What The Funk" is one of our favorites! Most enjoyed listening to your tracks and watching your awesome solo drumming!”

“I'm listening to your songs now. What an honor that you've become a fan. I'd say that I will return the favor, but it wouldn't be a favor. I LOVE YOUR STUFF. It's exactly what I'm gravitating toward.”

“I just listened to all of your tracks and I really enjoyed your music. If I had to pick out a favorite, it would be "Road To Nowhere".”

“Listening to these tracks has brought me inner joy. Creativity and beauty in one package is rare. I love the production here. The drum track is so rich and supple. Great use of dynamics. Neat textures. Philip Glass swings! greatness”