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“Like his singing, his talking voice darts easily between angelic and devilish, resembling his physical appearance: a cross between young Charles Manson and Jesus Christ.”

“This Texas-based artists recently scored a #1 hit on the Regional Radio Report and other Texas music charts. There's a fresh, raw, and real vibe to the songs on this album. The musical performances on the record rank up there from B3 and twangy guitar on "Bad" to fiddle and percussive fills on tracks like album opener "Willie's Bus," "Back of a '73," "Back To Mobile" and "Working Man's Son." It's a strong heartland country/rock record that gets better with each successive listen and leaves you wanting for more.”

“Phil Hamilton's latest Red Dirt, Southern rock record, Renegade Rock n Roll, runs the gamut from heartsick love songs to working-man rock anthems. The local's played stages from South Texas to Kansas in recent weeks, celebrating the release of his second album. The video for "You Can Have Me" has been featured on CMT, proving his talent appeals beyond the Red River.”

“The rough edged rocker, known to many of his fans as "Philthy," is popular in his touring area, covering Texas, Oklahoma, north as far as Kansas, and west as far as Colorado. Three songs on the new album illustrate his depth. "Bad" describes a wild, crazy "bad" girl with a contrastingly mellow beat and thoughtful organ. "Workin Man's Son" lays the guitar on heavy in a sixties-style, over lyrics that could have easily come out of Brooklyn as Texas. His appeal could easily spread far beyond the Southwest. The title track, "Renegade Rock n' Roll," has more of a southern rock flavor. Hamilton has to potential to leave such labels behind.”

“Phil has an amazing energy during his live show and has opened for some of the biggest acts in the Texas Music scene these days. I believe that Phil may just be on his way. He is a great musician and songwriter. He is an outstanding performer and he truly appreciates the chance to do what he loves for his fans. Pick up a copy of his Renegade Rock N Roll and judge for yourself. Better yet, catch on his live shows. There is no doubt in my mind that if you listen to this guy, you will become a "Philthy" Phil Hamilton fan.”

“It’s an album he is feels proud of, and rightly so. Like a proverbial father of ten unique and special children, he has a hard time picking a favorite track. “It’s tough to choose one, that’s what is special about this record to me. It’s a collaboration of songs that I have felt and lived since starting this journey.” Thankfully for all of us, Phil Hamilton has graciously taken us along for the ride.”

“Phil Hamilton has joined the number one club in the competitive Texas/Red Dirt music scene! His second single, “Bad,” from one of most talked about new albums of the year, RENEGADE ROCK N’ ROLL, reached the top of the charts this week on the Texas Regional Radio Report. Phil worked long hours with producer, Beau Bedford formally of Jonathan Tyler and The Northern Lights, to give each song their very own special production touch to give fans a broad array of rocking tunes to simple arrangements to hear Phil’s powerful voice on the songs of lost love.”

“Business aside, Hamilton’s Renegade Rock n Roll is an album that has plenty of shelf life still in it. The current #1 single is the second release from the stellar red dirt rocker, and there are plans to release more to Texas radio. Based on the warm welcome all of his other single releases have received from the public and media, there will be plenty more opportunities for Hamilton to enjoy the view from the top of the charts. His songs are authentic and well written.”

"Hamilton makes music as if it were the most natural in the world. Well, there is again a little gem landed on the desk and fits perfectly into the phalanx of other Red Dirt artists."

“Love the new CD, got a chance to listen over the weekend. Sounds like Waylon, Seger and Cash rolled up into one. Good stuff. Here's a quote if you still need one, "Phil has set the bar high and set it early for 2012" Phil was the artist of the week 1/30-2/3/12. Two songs from Renegade Rock 'n Roll were featured during the 2 p.m. hour the entire week. Craig Vaughn KPUR, 107.1 The Armadillo Amarillo's Only Station for Texas Country! ”

"There is nothing about this album that you can predict, besides a solid display of true talent. There is a true variety of sound on this album, anything and everything from Tom Petty to Waylon Jennings, from Dale Watson to Springsteen…But this is "Philthy" Phil Hamilton and that is why we are here."

““The Denton crowd definitely loves music, so it’s always been a lot of fun,” Hamilton said. “We haven’t been to Rockin’ Rodeo in a while, so we’re looking forward to seeing a lot of the new faces that we haven’t seen.””

““Our music is definitely in the Red Dirt wheelhouse. It’s very much country music and it’s current, but we do have a little bit of a classic rock side to us that kind of gives us a little more broad appeal. It’s more diverse. We are not just total country and we are not just rock n’ roll, but we have kind of combined them together to make a real nice sound that I think a lot of folks will enjoy.””

“Not only can Phil Hamilton grow a great beard, but he can jam a little bit of rock & roll when he wants. Today’s video is a song called “Renegade Rock & Roll” performed by none other than the beard wearing rockster (who, by the way, was nominated for Texas Regional Radio’s Top New Male Vocalist in 2011) so sit back and enjoy. Should you need a larger dose of Phil’s lyrical medicine, I would suggest you click here.”

““Went to see an old favorite, Great Divide, and came away with a NEW favorite. Great show…great music Thanks!” JR Lawrence, KS “Loved the show tonight in Idabel, fantastic vocals, songwriting and musicianship…looking for great things to come! Thanks for coming out!” Dee, OK “Awesome show tonight in Phoenix at Toby Keith’s! I love the bluesy, rock, Country sound. Had the pleasure of meeting Phil and his entourage, and they are some of the nicest guys that I’ve met in awhile. Keep staying true and you will succeed!” Melissa, AZ”

"Phil is one awesome artist and I have seen him a couple of times and this past weekend was nothing short of a Philthy show."

“Phil Hamilton’s RENEGADE ROCK N’ROLL album has already yielded two hit singles, and critics are digging the laid back mix of rock guitars and traditional country fiddles. Hamilton has been surprised by fans showing up that already know the words to the new songs and sing along at his concerts.”

“An avid duck hunter, Phil Hamilton often gets confused for a character on the show “Duck Dynasty.””

“PHIL HAMILTON/Bad Writer: Phil Hamilton/Beau Bedford; Producer: Beau Patrick Bedford; Publisher: Phil Hamilton/Beau Patrick Bedford/North Patrick, BMI; Winding Road (www.philhamiltonmusic.com) —This has a lazy, loping quality that is quite appealing. He has a dusty, dry delivery, and the band keeps it slow, steady and simple. It will probably sound “underproduced” to some, but I think that’s part of its charm. ”

“The Texas-based singer/songwriter built a lot of goodwill with "Bad" hitting the top of the Texas Music Chart earlier this year. Take a listen to the single's follow-up, "Running". ”