Phil Davis / Press

“There’s a couple of problems facing Pint of Happiness: First is they have some great artists like Ronnie Hymes and the Phil Davis Band, but then they have some, um, not so great artist...”

“Phil is a hard-working, multi-talented musician who teaches guitar and drums, does studio recording and plays a variety of live performance.”

Pianist Thomas H E Law - Professional Endorsement

“Phil Davis has an Irish tenor that will rock your world (and he is a damned savvy guitar player!)”

Keli Pierce of 7th Planet Entertainment - 7th Planet Ent. Endorsement

“Thank You Phil Davis Band for an Inspired performance”

Dan Clepper - Shooting Star Productions

“Featured on The White Trash Revival Episode 34.”

“The Phil Davis Band has signed with Pint of Happiness Record Label.”

Press Release

“Track of the Day on 13Oct2009 in Blues Rock Best Male Vocals in Blues Rock, week of 2Nov2009 Best Guitars in Blues Rock, week of 2Nov2009 Best Beat in Blues Rock, week of 19Oct2009 Best Beat in Blues Rock, week of 2Nov2009 Best Mood in Blues Rock, week of 2Nov2009”

“Driving heavy Blues/Rock...”

“...a sexually frustrated teenager who bought a guitar with his allowance...”

“Rock'in Blues Solid drummer,Powerful Lead guitar Great lyric. Burnin' churnin' blues song with seasoned vocalist. Another 5 star tune. ”

“Artist Spotlight on FatCat radio network. The ReverbNation/FatCat Radio spotlight once again shines on one of the newest artists added to the station. This time around its: Phil Davis”