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"Philsy - Oh my god, man,"Imagine This" is FABULOUS ! Really, really impressive, even by your high standards. Everyone I've played it for is crazy about it, and they want to know WHERE THEY CAN BUY IT! Your singing and playing is magical, as expected, but the arrangements are so dense, so deep, so thoroughly inventive, it's mind-boggling! And the fact that your production meshes so well with Walter's is no mean feat. I love what he did with Crossroads, but I'm also in love with "So Good" and "Trouble". Beautiful, my man, just beautiful ! Anything I can do on this end, anything, to help get the word out, spread the gospel, please enlist me in the cause. You're (still) my hero, and this is a monumental piece of work. It deserved the largest audience you can reach. Fire up the team! Saddle the horses! We're ridin' tonight! I love you, you big mug! xoxo, Marky" -Mark T.Jordan - keyboardist extra-ordinaire

[personal email]

"On The Jimi Project, far from simply rehashed and re-arranged versions of Jimi's best work, Phil has spent the past three years creating this masterpiece, which features Jimmy Haslip on bass (The Yellowjackets) and Gary Novak on drums (Chick Corea, Alanis Morisette). Brilliant on so many levels, it is destined to become legendary"

Max Horowitz - Crossover Media

“Sometimes us guitar players wonder : will anyone ever do anything really fresh based on Jimi Hendrix’ stellar output? Well stop wondering and track this down, because wondrous and subtle axeman has done it on this new record. From origins in New Mexico transfixed by The British Invasion and particularly J Beck Esq, Brown has played countless sessions and even a stint in Little Feat. His ‘Cruel Inventions’ CD was a (mostly self-penned) tour de force, not only for the spirited and full-blooded guitar work evident but also the dry growly vocals. They turn women into molten honey, aided and abetted by a guitar approach which values stealth and tone above millionnotespersecond wankery.”

“ " The sound dynamic of your 'Cruel Inventions' and Hendrix recordings is awesome as everyone seems to be realizing. When I played your version of 'I Don't Live Today', everyone was AMAZED! After hearing you, all the musicians who was playing that guitar and singing 'If Six Was Nine' on the show. Every class player that hears the tracks knows you have IT! (Be flattered, we are all good in our way and hard to impress!) ”

Pete Sargeant - resonance.com

“It doesn’t sound like the Experience at all, because Brown goes for radical rearrangements, making the selections Hendrix-composed but Brown-styled to suit his voice and his playing. Harmonics ping into your ears then twist away, biting blues runs evolve into Charlie Byrd mysticism, a hint of flamenco whistles by. Think that nobody can reinvent ‘Manic Depression’ or ‘I Don’t Live Today’ ? Think again. Sexy music for both sexes… on all planets Pete Sargeant”

"If the blues is all about good people feeling bad, Phil Brown & Apaches from Paris are about good people feeling good enough to be bad...very, VERY bad!! Now, dim the lights, turn the volume up and invite your significant other over...and watch what happens!

“ "...working with Eric Clapton for over 25 years...Phil Brown goes somewhere with his guitar tones... 'Heaven' kills me...really!"  ”

Lee Dickson - (E.C.'s guitar tech), London

“ "Hi Pete, thanks for having me on the show and by the way, Phil Brown is the coolest Hendrix interpreter I've ever heard! Tatty- Bye for now" ”

Gypsie Mayo - (Yardbird's guitarist), London

“ "Is this the record of the year? This is Jimi/Phil; something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. No CD of the last 12 years so many listeners to " Mick Martin's Blues Party" to plead, 'What is that? Who is that and where can I get it...NOW?!'  ”

Mick Martin - (Sacramento/KUOP, Stockton/KKTO, Tahoe City-Reno/KXJS, Sutter/KNQC