pH Factor / Press

“pH Factor was on stage as I arrived to the club on Wednesday evening. They were laying down some pretty solid jams to get our feet warmed up for the main act: Papadosio. Front and center on bass, Joe Lane. On drums, Erik Diaz. And on the guitar is, Paul Hamilton. According to Headstash, the band pH Factor will be joining Papadosio for the whole tour as support. These Ohio born, Colorado raised progressive purveyors of rock are really going to knock the socks off of the unprepared Johns and that guy that everyone knows who knocks every opening band…” I never knock opening acts, though often times don’t always get the chance to see them. This was one instance I was happy to get the venue in time! The band slipped into a flawless Phish cover, “Stash.” Took my mind back to my high school days when A Picture of Nectar was only a few years old. The song ended and all I wanted to hear was “crab in my shoe mouth…””

"The night opened up with pH Factor, a three-piece band out of Colorado who has been getting some buzz lately due to being on this tour for a little while. Led by Paul Hamilton on guitar, and with a rhythm section of Erik Diaz (drums) and Joe Lane (bass), they laid down some sharp but flowing jam-jazz fusion. These guys were clearly very good at their respective instruments, especially Diaz, who was like a surgeon on the skins. It was a pretty entertaining set overall."