“Just listen to their songs and you will get into them right away. There is a certain power in the material, soaring vocals, a vibrant edge that makes them stand out from the crowd. I’ve a feeling we will be hearing more from the band in the future.”

“I loved the album, and found it better the second time through. Being a true heavy album, it had everything I look for, including the artwork, to want to have it in my collection as a favorite. Thumbs up big time!”

“That title might seem negative, but only if you take it out of context. The thing is people who know me would be quite surprised that I really was a little lost at what to say: for me thats new! I have an opinion on everything. Also what is weird about this is Phase Reverse are good. I mean really good. Where I struggle is I have been trying hard not to use other bands as a reference point, but with Phase Reverse its hard because I want people to know how good they are and spouting off the usual “blog phrases” just isn’t going to do it. ”

“Sometimes things are so damn simple... 'Phase Reverse' plays blistering Stoner, Doom Heavy Rock. This Greek Metal sensation with the seedbed Southern touch is clearly stigmatic with the entire cargo of drudged and lusty efforts. Their homonymous debut album includes eleven (great) tracks just waiting to be unleashed (not just to the east!) and to be played loud! This "Phase" leaves you alone into the warfare of riffs of some mini-masterpieces that are well-hidden on the CD and incorporates 'Phase Reverse' into a highly promising band of the Heavy Rock/Stoner Greek metal scene! A great effort all in all! ”

“Hiding in Greece are PHASE REVERSE who play a very cool vibrant and edgy style of rock with a modern twist.”

“Read about "Phase Reverse" cd here: 3,5 out of 5 http://www.avopolis.gr/greviews/default.asp?ID=5614”