Phase / Press

“In Consequence is a wondrous reconciliation of the instant familiar and a vista into the unknown”

Alan Clayson - Mojo

“Phase is the new shining star of the European alternative metal scene. The mix of grunge sound with electronic music and psychedelic parts are creating a very natural feeling, a dreamlike sonic universe.Despite its variety, Phase has its own sound and identity. Theartwork also leaves you breathless, just take a look at the cover! In fact, the whole Phase concept is very well developed (homepage, logo, lyrics, pictures, covers), and could be a source of inspiration for other bands of how to make a good promotion and public image. Phase created a depressive masterpiece here, and if even the mighty Duncan Patterson (ex-Anathema, Antimatter) believe in them, who am I to stand against them? "In Consequence" must be seen as a spiritual trip to your inner fears and feelings. Best to hear (and feel) somewhere in the nature, in a cold night, under a cold moon and frozen stars...”

Ciprian Faur - Metal Believe

“Flawlessly given blackness, irony, many effects and rythms, thant apart from rock touch other areas as well. Eastern themes, a chaos of sequencers... The hunting season just have started.”

Costas Coulis - Rock Pages

"In Consequence" is an excellent example of psychedelic / alternative / rock music with influences from Beatles Doors and Led Zeppelin, several elements of electronic music especially from bands like Depeche Mode and Massive Attack, with references to the modern sound of Placebo wrapped with a great atmosphere into the band's poetic approach. Soul searching is starting from the first listening where this album introduces us to a musical travel through time.

Dimitris - Hard City

“The band from Larissa has done a professional work and delivers its fans what they want. Through this work it seems the band attempts to cover various music idioms mixing different sounding instruments that travels you maintaining the basic element of “In Consequence” psychedelic / alternative / progressive rock.”

Steve Xanthis - Rock n Roll Town

“When Greek music scene bows to metalcore, there are, to our good luck, bands like Phase that are delivering to us something more alternative and definitely different. What I couldn’t take out of my mind was the theatricality of this record that stuck in my head from the first hearing while the most important thing I received is that there are still bands out there that are interested to take music a step further preventing the scene to end up like “Greek Idol”.”

Aggeliki Kapiri - Greekrebels

“Phase have conquered the sound they wanted and they've done it in a very ellegant way, making twists and turns from sphere of medieval ballads to progressive rock really comfortably. In Consequence can easily stand next to the albums of Anathema ,Katatonia etc., so what is left for them is to promulgate their music as much as they can...We are talking about a sonic masterpiece!”

“Unique songs from a band with the sound that drives us in the East through the streets where comes from the west and urges us to an inner research through 10 compositions. Want to hear them; Want to travel with them; Then you have to follow them. The "In Consequence" awaits you...”

Dimitris - Hard City

“The phases of the moon are always so different but always as charming, no matter what time you catch an eye on the dark sky above. The band from Larissa has many phases altogether. What a matching name... The psycho company of Thanos, Alex and Dimitris managed to fit in a sound, so many influences and built a blend of psychedelic rock that travels you wherever you want to! Just give a listen to Perdition and you’ll get what I mean!”

Mike Kanakousakis - Rockway

“The great band's asset is the song "Ibidem". In this piece which Duncan Patterson (Anathema - Antimatter) participates , who senses a very difficult piece. Slow rhythm, depressing melody, song to sink in an endless search, playing psychedelic games both acoustic and lyrically. Amazing!”

Dimitris - Hard City

““In Consequence” is a beautiful album that creates soundscapes making the listener travel and get lost in. A release where the western rock sound meets the oriental/Greek traditional music; a marriage so beautifully done that will leave you breathless. It demands your attention in order to discover its full dynamic and magic while it's not an album you have to listen, you have to experience it. I really liked a lot the way they mix oriental music with rock and metal sounds. So, if you search for something different yet rock sounding, this is a release that you have to check out…”

Nick Parastatidis - Behind the Veil

“All the songs are connected flawlessly without resembling one another... The intro prepossesses us in what is coming next anyway.”

“The album is a must. This is thinking man's sweet piece of cake, this is real inspired art and real music. Feed your mind, soul and ears with the music of Phase, you will never regret it.”

Chris Papadakis - Metal Invader

“Their music could be described as Progressive/Alternative Rock eventhough they wouldn't like being tagged as they believe in the freedom of creativity and the artistic dedication in it's purest form”