“Although the 2000’s are when Frazer’s career underwent the most development, his music continually remains associated with the 90’s. According to Fraser, this association doesn’t stem from a desire to continually emulate the past, but by the changing nature of rap music. “I hear mostly 90’s influence, but I don’t know what that means,” he says. “I mean, I do want to believe that I’ve evolved as a man and as a human, but yet I still keep hearing about this 90’s influence.” I suggest that maybe this comes from his use of full sentences, a stark contrast to the sparse word count in modern trap bars. “You know what’s weird man, is that the amount of times people will listen, and they’ll say, ‘You’re deep,’ ” he says. “They’ll try to tell me that I’m deep, but I think I’m just telling my story man, and I think it relates a lot to the evolution of hip-hop into trap. “There’s a lot less language in hip-hop, so now when they hear a lot of langu”

"A fresh face to most attendees, Freestylimpian champion Phareke commanded the room with enthusiastic raps, witty battle rhymes, and an impressive stage presence.." "HipHopCanada caught up with Phareke and he told us that he had never participated in a rap battle before—a surprising admission, considering he took home winning titles for the M-See Creativity Competition as well as the 7-to-Smoke Battle." "Phareke proceeded to win the rest of the battles—in fact, the judges made an impromptu decision to switch the event to a “9-to-Smoke Battle,” as Phareke reached seven victories before all of the MCs had a chance to compete..." "Though few people had heard of Phareke at the beginning of the evening, his name had already caught on as a buzzword amongst the event organizers, audience members, and cigarette-smokers on the streets. " "...keep an eye on Phareke to see what he produces.."

“It's Official!! We got a band!! Phareke is now Phareke n Friends as he is now accompanied by a 5 piece band making it six in total with occassional features from talented musicians like violinists, flute players etc... ALL LIVE HIP HOP! If you want a taste, check out the video on this page and that is a taste of what you'll get from now on! Some live songs on the PHAREKE N FRIENDS showlist can and will only be heard at the shows so, keep up to date with schedules and updates:) Guidance, Love & Respect”

“Phareke in the Okanagan. Date: March 20th, 2010 Place: The Wells UBC - Kelowna Keep in touch for links to advance tickets as well as new tracks. IN CONSTANT PURSUIT...”